7 Christmas Gifts for the Girl Who Loves Experimenting With Her Style

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Not to brag, but I am a great gifter. Particularly at Christmas time, I take real pride in the process of early brainstorm sessions (P.S.: it's late November, what are you waiting for?), curated shortlists and chic gift wrapping. It's earned me a reputation for gifts amongst my friends, one I'll work to keep with every passing birthday, and major milestone. But, hands down, the person I most relish buying presents for is my best friend. A Christmas present to her is a material "thank you" for another year of being my #1 confidant (and always giving a second opinion on new purchases).

Although there is no question that your best gal-pal deserves the world, sticking to your budget is essential to A+ gifting status. So, my gift to you is a sneak peek at the shortlist of presents I'm considering for my very cool, clever and stylish best friend, with options ranging from $25 to $500. You're welcome.

Keep scrolling to shop our edit of Christmas gifts so good you'll have to buy two—one for her, and one for you.

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