Christmas Gift Guide 2018: The One Item Our Editors Would Love to Receive

Christmas Gift Guide 2018: The One Item Our Editors Would Love to Receive

Is there anything more special than finding that one special present under the tree on Christmas Day, that you've been pining for all year? This Christmas, we're taking a minimalist approach to gifting: It's all about finding The One. 

For our 2018 Christmas gift guide, we asked our editors to share the one item they would truly be overjoyed to receive. Every one of us could stand to live with less; less stuff, less clutter, less waste. Receiving one amazing gift to treasure for months or years to come is surely much better than receiving a bunch of things you might use once and forget about by New Year's Day. So here, we're bringing you a very tightly curated gift guide of beautiful, high-end, cherish-forever kind of products.

Below, our editors have chosen their perfect Christmas gift, each one as special as the next. Our team spends a lot of time curating all of the best new arrivals on the internet, and if these pieces deserve to be number one on their wish list, then you know they're worthy of scoring a place on yours. Keep scrolling and start dreaming up your ultimate Christmas wish list.

Balenciaga Knife Satin Mule ($970)

"I’m a huge believer in investment pieces, particularly when it comes to staple items. They are the foundation of any solid, well thought-out wardrobe in my opinion. With that in mind, it probably won’t surprise you that I’ve had my eye on the Balenciaga Knife Satin Mules from the moment they came into existence. They are elegant, classic and the perfect addition to basically everything in my wardrobe. I just need someone to buy them for me... Luckily Christmas is nearly here, right guys? Guys?"

— Kate McGregor, Fashion Editor

"While fragrance might feel like a rather too-personal gift to give, I can't imagine anyone being unhappy after unwrapping a bottle of Byredo on Christmas morning. That being said, it's Byredo's most recent fragrance, Eleventh Hour, that has made its way onto my list. When it comes to fig fragrances, I'll be the first to admit I'm drawn like a moth to a flame, however, I don't think I've smelt one I liked quite as much as this. With notes of fig, pepper and tonka beans, it's a surprisingly intriguing scent, being at the same time fresh and spicy. I won't claim to be a connoisseur when it comes to describing scents, but I can say I recently sprayed this for a friend and she thought I smelt so good, I can't actually repeat her apt description here... But I guess that's exactly the reaction you want from a gift like this, right?"

— Phoebe Youl, Health and Beauty Writer

Diptyque Baies Candle ($87) and Baies Scented Oval ($73)

Diptyque make beautiful fragrances and the classic Baies scent is one of its best. Having one of its candles in the house makes every room smell like blackcurrants and roses, but they are best used to create calming mood lighting during bath time. The scented oval though, is something that has hidden benefits. Give this to someone, and they’ll be able to put it in their linen cupboard and make their sheets smell just like a Baies candle.”

Lauren Payne, Fashion and Lifestyle Producer

Fendi Peekaboo Defender ($6,790)

"I know I’m aiming high with this one because it doesn’t come cheap, but a classic bag will always be a worthwhile investment. This Fendi logo print was first designed by Karl Lagerfeld in 1965, over 50 years ago. It had a moment in the ‘80s and now it’s having its third revival. History tells me in another 20 or 30 years it will be here for round four, and how cool would it be to be able to hand it down to someone special to prove I once knew what was up? The print has returned on everything from slides, to mini dresses, but this bag (with a top handle or long strap) is my way of dipping into the trend without feeling like it’s too ‘over the top’ for my style."

Amanda Bardas, Executive Editor

"For a while now I’ve struggled to find an instant camera with both that old-fashioned feel I desire, and the modern features I need. But, my requirements are more than met in this Instax camera. It’s got not only the retro look and attractions I’m after, but also the advanced functions. Basically, it’s the best of both worlds. It’ll no doubt be at the top of my Christmas wish list to ensure I can uniquely capture all of the special moments from the festive season."

Holley Gawne, News and Entertainment Producer

"Recently I’ve been focused on not adding superfluous 'things' to my life. This year I had a major realisation around clutter and how it both prevents me from enjoying my home and interrupts my concentration. I’m not a hoarder by any stretch, but I didn’t realise how much stuff—beauty products in particular!—I owned until I took stock. I’m still working on editing what I already have, but the flip side of that coin is to avoid adding more, new things. This Christmas I am only asking for one item—my husband is thrilled. This Chanel lip palette does the job of several bullets but takes up minimal handbag space. It makes for a very chic way to touch-up, too. (Important.)"

Lisa Patulny, Senior Brand Manager

“When I find a piece of jewellery I love, I barely ever take it off—which explains why I still wear a necklace gifted to me at birth. Recently though, I've been wanting to add some more gold to my collection, and I just can't stop thinking about these By Charlotte pieces. I already have two sets of star earrings from the brand that I wear daily, and while I’m not usually one for matchy-matchy sets, this whole collection is calling my name. Yes, I was naughty and picked four items instead of one, but I honestly would be over the moon (get it!?) with any of the above. I basically want to be dripping in tiny gold moons and stars come Christmas Day—and for the next few years. Now all I have to do is drop hints to my boyfriend like there’s no tomorrow.”

Stephanie Squadrito, Growth and Engagement Editor

Dr. Barbara Sturm Calming Serum ($331)

“I’ve been infatuated with Dr. Barbara Sturm skincare ever since I had the pleasure of meeting Barbara Sturm herself a few months ago. The products are heaven, but I’m yet to try the calming serum. In summer, sunscreen, salt water, chlorine, and one too many glasses of rosé can leave my skin red and irritated, so this luxe serum is the perfect gift. TY in advance, Santa.”

Emily Algar, Beauty Writer and Producer

Products used throughout: Bed Threads 100% Flax Linen Flat Sheet in White ($110) and Oatmeal ($110), Waterford Crystal Lismore Classic Tumbler (Set of 6) ($499)