Is This Polarizing Trend a "Confidence Boost"? Chrissy Teigen Says Yes

Chrissy Teigen glows on the pages of this month's newly unveiled InStyle November issue. In the interview with the magazine (which also includes a video portion), she opens up about her celebrity crush, not taking herself too seriously, and what makes her feel most confident. 

"Whenever there is one of [Zac Efron's] movie on, I must watch it," she says in the video about her "secret" celebrity crush on the High School Music star, adding that she just really enjoys his films.   

Chrissy's humor and confidence are what make her such a joy to follow (on all of her social accounts). And when talking about the importance of not taking herself too seriously (something she's definitely mastered over the years), she explains, "If you share everything and make fun of yourself, then other people won’t make the joke because you’ve already made it." Some very wise advice.

But just like for many of us, there are times when a little boost of confidence is needed, which is when Chrissy looks to a particular shoe style for help. "I love the idea of a really snug, sexy thigh-high, and then maybe like a more tomboyish look on top," she says. "They give me a little confidence boost when needed." 

Scroll down to watch the hilarious video and see her stunning cover. Then head to InStyle to read the complete interview.