Because of Course: Chrissy Teigen's Workout Gear Is Covered in Donuts

We love Chrissy Teigen. From her newfound undertaking as a chef and cookbook author to her witty and wry sense of humor on her various social media platforms to her spot-on sense of style, the model doesn't really have much work to do to win our affections.

And yet, she keeps burrowing deeper and deeper into our hearts. She posted a photo to her Instagram this week of her workout socks, which are, naturally, digi-printed with a stack of real-life donuts. Teigen simply stated alongside the snap, "My workout socks are donuts." Enough said.

Well, we found the socks in questionbecause we can't think of anything more motivating during a hard cardio routine than looking down at a big stack of donuts printed on our feet. Keep scrolling to see Teigen's socks and shop them, plus some of our other favorite workout picks, now!