This Brand Launched Last Week, and Gen Z Is Going to Be All Over It

We’re all aware on some level of the big issues that face the fashion industry—issues like sustainability, transparency, and inclusivity—but for many designers, it’s a much more achievable goal to pick just one of these issues to stand behind. We're quick to celebrate Reformation for its commitment to sustainability and Everlane for always keeping it real. It's brands like these that are raising the bar higher for everyone else, but we have yet to find a fashion brand that proposes a real solution to all of these pressing issues, and it's because up until now, that was an overly idealistic concept and one that would have been incredibly difficult to realize. Enter Chnge. The newly launched line has a strong vision for the future of fashion and has set out to make it a reality right now. Oh, and did we mention that it's a legitimately cool brand you're going to want to wear?

While we're at it, let us tell you about six new(ish) size-inclusive brands that are making us say "yes."