This £40 Zara Dress Is All Over Our Office and Instagram

Stop the presses: The sun is shining, the temperature has risen beyond a frosty 4 degrees and this £40 Zara dress is everywhere on our Instagram feeds. Yes, you heard right, £40. The dress is part of Zara’s new spring collection that blends safari-style details with neutral desert hues while also nodding to other seasonal micro trends like tortoiseshell buttons (three up the back—now you ask). It’s also something of a chameleon; style it with sneakers and it suddenly looks Scandi; add a basket bag and you’re Gwyneth Paltrow in The Talented Mr Ripley. It’s formal enough to wear to work; cotton enough to wear on hot, sweaty days in the city and long enough to wear to all manner of summer family events. Basically, this dress is one of those “get it before you regret it” buys. Did I mention it was £40?


(Image credit: @brittanybathgate)


(Image credit: @thedevilswearzara)


(Image credit: @alyssbowen)

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Anyone checked the weather for tomorrow?