45 Cheap Nordstrom Finds That Look Really Expensive

Cheap Nordstrom buys


@emmaasnilsson via @4thandreckless; PICTURED: 4th & Reckless Violette Faux Leather Shirt ($55)

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: I'm a really good Nordstrom shopper. There's something so soothing to me about scrolling through all the pages of new arrivals with the intention of singling out the best of the best for all of you. Here, I spot some of the best products before anyone else simply because I'm willing to take the time to go through it all. Sometimes, we like to highlight the best basics, newest trends, and so on and so forth, but today, I am here to bring you the best of the best under $65. 

Not only are the items below extremely affordable, but they are also those cheap items that somehow look really expensive. It can be tricky trying to locate such unicorns, but I managed to find 45 for you to shop here. Hundreds of open tabs later, I finally narrowed down my favorite assortment of affordable items, and I have them shopped out for you below. 

There is really nothing better than a faux-leather shacket in the fall. 

Jeans that look triple the price. 

You likely don't own a button-down in black yet. 

This set impresses our shoppers time and again. 

Comfortable and chic all at once. 

The kind of hoops you'll never take off. 

A basic you should always have on deck. 

Pair this with a white button-down and strappy sandals. 

Good luck choosing just one color. 

Buy and wear with that faux-leather shacket. 

The contrast stitching makes this look so expensive. 

Square necklines are always a win. 

Will you wear this sweater with everything? Yes, you will. 

I will be copying this exact 'fit. 

Leggings that will actually enhance your look. 

This would look great with those ribbed pants. 

Wear this alone or layered with your other favorite necklaces.  

Staples like this are always a good idea. 

Get this in more than one color. 

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