Cheap and Trendy Fall Jewelry I'm Telling Everyone About

Cheap Fall Jewelry



Shopping for jewelry can be overwhelming, annoying, and honestly, sometimes a little confusing. When you're not looking at diamonds, 14 karat gold, and pieces that are objectively valuable, it can be hard to feel confident in knowing when cheap jewelry is only cheap in value, not appearance. As we begin to build out our fall 2020 wardrobes, jewelry should certainly be top of mind, and thanks to all of the affordable and trendy items below, you won't have to feel stressed out by your budget nor your array of options. 

Including pearls, chains, and chunky rings, the assortment of cheap and trendy jewelry ahead is so good, I am telling all my friends about it, including you. Even if you have fewer places to go than usual this season, at least you'll be decked out in trendy jewelry 24/7 from your living room to your next Zoom meeting. With not one item ringing in at over $50, enjoy this perfectly curated (if I do say so myself) affordable shopping roundup below. 

Get ready to see a lot of chunky chains here because they are all I can think about. 

Wear this over a thin knit this fall. 

Pearls are making a major comeback in both traditional and baroque styles. 

My advise this season is to stock up on as many chains as possible. 

The perfect balance between chunky and delicate. 

Two-tone jewelry is always a good idea. Plus, its just convenient. 

These aren't regular hoops, they're cool hoops. 

Signet rings are both trendy and timeless. That might sound like an oxymoron but I don't make the rules! 

You can't look at this and not smile. 

If you're looking for funky jewelry, Vintage Royalty should be your go-to.  

These chunky stacking rings will grant you so many compliments. 

Everyday hoops with just the right amounts of pizazz. 

I'm convinced dainty gold rings will be in style forever. I even wrote a whole story on it. 

Wear these with all your simple sweaters this season. 

This chunky ring will make you feel really fancy, no matter what you're wearing. 

An off-the-shoulder sweater would look incredible with these. 

First, buy the grandma pearls, then buy this grandpa chain. 

Heart-shaped jewelry is making a major comeback.  

Cheap pearls that look anything but.