Halloween-Ready Costume Jewelry That Looks Anything But Cheap

Piecing together the perfect Halloween costume is a real challenge, and once you shop your clothes, wig, accessories, etc., things can really start to add up. That's where we can help: Since we know that the right earrings, necklaces, rings, and bracelets can make or break your outfit, we rounded up the best cheap costume jewelry for Halloween. Whether you're into quirky ensembles, throwback looks, or super-glam costumes, the pieces ahead look way more expensive than they really are, and they're sure to provide the perfect finishing touch.

Quirky Costumes

These statement makers will do all the talking for you and your costume.

Set your eyes on the sea for your Halloween jewelry. 

The more colors, the better. 

Show you're a Slytherin even if you don't wear a robe. 

If you want to dress up like an art teacher, these will work (and look)  just fine. 

Stay tropical this Halloween. 

Perfect for your Queen of Hearts costume. 

Statement earrings are always welcome on the 31st.

Bangles on bangles for that extra touch.

Throwback Costumes

Are you more of a '70s, '80s, or '90s girl? Whichever your preference, these jewelry pieces will go perfectly with your costume.

Arm candy for your costume full of funk. 

Be the star of your Halloween party.

(We like this more low-key option too.)

Dainty charm necklaces can go a long way on the right '90s-inspired costume. 

This cuff is only $13. Need we say more?

A good pair of hoops always comes in handy. 

This choker goes with a all sorts of Halloween costumes.

For your psychedelic costume inspiration. 

This wooden bracelet will perfectly complete your boho costume. 

Glam Costumes

Whether you're going to be a flapper from the roaring '20s, a showgirl from the '50s, or simply want to be decked in glitz and glamour, these options have you covered. 

A faux-pearl necklace that looks like the real deal. 

Or mix it up with this pearl wrap choker for a more elevated look. 

KiraKira-approved bracelets are a must.

Same goes for bold, chandelier earrings.

It's all in the details when it comes to your costume, and this dainty necklace will do just the trick.

These pearl earrings are the finishing touch to your '20s-inspired costume. 

Dress up your costume with this dainty body chain. 

This bracelet is a steal! 

Opening Image: @alyssainthecity

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