These Cheap But Expensive-Looking Basics Are Hiding at Mango, Ref, and More

cheap clothing basics



Sorry, but not all clothing basics are made equal. Some are cheap and look cheap (here's your guide to what makes jewelry look cheap), some are expensive and look it, and even fewer fall into the elusive category of being cheap and looking expensive. These are the tanks, skirts, boots, and other wardrobe staples that look undeniably luxe no matter what their price tags say. I'm not sure about you, but I'll always choose the expensive-looking version over the others any day.

So instead of leaving all the guessing up to you, I went ahead and sourced all the best cheap clothing basics on everyone's favorite affordable sites Urban Outfitters, Mango, Reformation, and ASOS that look twice their price tags. From the chain-link necklace that looks so luxe to the skinny jeans that will rake in the compliments, look no further for the best under-$150 items to buy right now. Don't tell the people at these retailers, but I'd shell out way more for these items than what each is currently listed for.


Seeing this whole outfit just turned me into a fan of brown.

The wide straps and subtle square neckline make this plain tank stand out.

The kind of basic you should always have on hand.

Accessorizing your fall outfits with this chunky necklace will make them look way more luxe.

This could easily pass as a rare vintage find.

Not all chunky knits are made equal—this is an especially good one.


These feel more special than your average skinny jeans, and Ref shoppers agree (the black version sold out like lightening).

It's all about the ribbed material here.

From the color to the texture, I can only really describe this dress as "rich."

The kind of classic jeans you'll have in your closet for years and years.

Urban Outfitters

I honestly can't believe these are on sale. If you're smart, you'll snatch them up before they sell out.

The mossy green color and tie waist makes these stand out from every other faux-leather pant on the market right now.

Another piece that could easily pass for designer vintage.

This powder blue shade can make just about anything look luxe.


Trust me, you won't find another leather coat quite this good for under $100.

Can you tell I'm swooning hard for all things chocolate brown?

The high neck is the subtle detail that elevates this top.

Slouchy suits exude an elevated elegance like nothing else.

Why pick one animal print when you can have them all?