Céline Dion Wore the Controversial Jeans You Have to Be Brave to Wear

Céline Dion has been in Paris over the past several days attending shows for Paris Couture Fashion Week. Per usual, the icon is not phoning it in with her wardrobe. Dion, who has been working with stylists Pepe Muñoz and Sydney Lopez while in Paris, has been stepping out in one jaw-dropping look after another (remember this capri-legging Chanel look?), and we simply couldn't let her stay in Paris come and go without calling out the controversial denim look she wore on Friday.

Dion's feathered Attico bustier and matching pink heels were certainly noteworthy, but it was her controversial jeans by Ksenia Schnaider that we're here to discuss. The Kiev-based brand is known for taking denim and turning it into wildly unexpected styles, like Demi-Denims, which resemble long shorts over skinny jeans, and Cowboy Pants, which look exactly like something with that name should. These denim styles aren't for the faint of heart, but being the fearless fashion fan that she is, Dion pulled them off like a pro. With her aforementioned feathered pieces, she wore one of the brand's newer styles: the Asymmetrical Jeans. One leg is wide, and one is skinny (which she rolled up). It basically makes the wearer look like they have on a different pair of jeans on each leg, but it's just one bold Ksenia Schnaider pair.

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Céline Dion asymmetrical jeans


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On Céline Dion: Attico Feather-Embroidered Top ($1915); Ksenia Schnaider Medium Blue Asymmetrical Jeans ($375); Fendi bag

Céline Dion controversial denim trend



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