I Create Over 1000 Celebrity Looks a Year, and This Is My #1 Styling Tip


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When she’s not working with big names like Lupita Nyong’o, Jennifer Hudson, and Hilary Swank or acting in her capacity as the official Armi Captain at luxury rental and styling platform Armarium, celebrity stylist Micaela Erlanger also divulges her fashion expertise in our Ask a Stylist column. From the best places to source vintage to the secret to finding your most flattering jeans, come back each week for a professional’s perspective.

Throughout my career as a stylist, I’ve learned many things, like the piece of advice I wish I had ignored and the $7 item that fixes nearly every fashion mishap, to name a couple. Today I’m sharing the one tip that, no matter how many celebrities I dress, remain the same. The only way to look 100% in an outfit or on the red carpet is to feel confident in what you’re wearing. Confidence is everything; you have to feel great in what you have on, and if you don’t, it shows. That’s why you really have to go with your gut.

If you put something on and have hesitations, that’s typically a sign you won’t end up feeling confident in the piece. I can always tell when a client’s feeling confident or not within the first fitting. If they aren’t, I immediately offer up a second look and rework the outfit because for me, the most important thing when dressing my clients is to make sure they feel 100%. Scroll down to check out some of my recent red carpet work.