11 Celebrity Kids Who Are Suddenly All Grown-Up

As you're well aware, the world is obsessed with celebrity kids, from their names to their wardrobes to their hair. That said, most of us don't have the time to keep tabs on them as they get older, and the next time we do come across of photo of the famous son or daughter, we may not even recognize them. For example, remember little Zahara Jolie-Pitt? She's 12 now. Suri Cruise? 11.  

Everyone is acutely interested in what celebrities' kids look like in the beginning, so you probably remember them looking a certain way, which is why the best way to show you what they look like now is to remind you of what they used to look like. It's fascinating to see how unrecognizable some have become over the years yet how little others have changed with time.

Keep scrolling to see what 11 celebrity kids who are suddenly all grown-up look like now and then.

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