I Watch Celebrities' Beauty Routines Like TV—12 Genius Tips I Learned From Them


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While I love watching my favorite comfort TV show (Gilmore Girls, of course) to wind down, I often resort to YouTube videos—beauty videos specifically. Despite growing up watching tutorials by all kinds of makeup gurus, celebrity videos are what catch my eye. From Vogue's Beauty Secrets to stars uploading on their own channels, I'm always curious to know the ins and outs of their makeup routines. Considering they spend a great amount of time in the makeup chair with the most talented artists in front of them, it's natural that they'd take in a plethora of tips along the way.

While I may have the time to sit through beauty routines for hours (I have a life, I swear!), I understand that not everyone can make time for it in their day. To give insight into what I've learned from different celebrities, I listed each tip I've put into my routine and the celebrity who taught it to me. I've used almost all of these in my routine, so I can confirm they're good. I even linked the products they used so that you can shop and try them out for yourself.

The Celebrity: Gigi Hadid
The Tip: Apply Lip Balm Before Anything Else



In her Vogue Beauty Secrets video, Gigi Hadid pointed out that she applies her lip balm as the first step in her routine so that it can sit and properly nourish her lips by the time she gets to lipstick. I always wait and end up with a sticky lipstick situation, so this simple trick has changed my routine.

The Celebrity: Kendall Jenner
The Tip: Double Up on Lip Liner



I've never found a lip liner that works for me and always wondered how everyone was getting the perfect liner look to shape their lips. As it turns out, they're layering theirs, evidenced by both Kendall Jenner's and Alexa Demie's Beauty Secrets videos. By layering a darker color and a lighter color, you're able to achieve the perfect line that blends into your lipstick.

The Celebrity: Selena Gomez
The Tip: Apply Blush at Your Cheek's High Point



This tip may have made its way around TikTok in the past few months, but I remember seeing it on Selena Gomez's Beauty Secrets video and acting quickly to start adding my blush on my high points rather than the apples of my cheeks. She learned this tip from her makeup artist Hung Vanngo, who says this helps give a natural contour to one's face.

The Celebrity: Hailey Bieber
The Tip: Multitask? More like Multi-Mask



I have plenty of eye masks that I never have the time to get to. They just end up sitting in my bathroom. In Hailey Bieber's latest YouTube video, she shares that she doubles up with an eye mask while wearing a face mask. I often make time to put on a face mask, so why not give the under-eye area some love at the same time? I even tried out the same masks she used, and I'm a fan.

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The Celebrity: Selena Gomez
The Tip: Start Your Eyeliner in the Center



I used to be a pro at winged eyeliner, but I have lost my touch over the years. I always start my wing from the corner of my eye, but in Selena's Beauty Secrets video, she revealed she draws the first line from the center of her eye to the edge, which is her trick for creating the perfect wing every time.

The Celebrity: Alexa Demie
The Tip: Bring Concealer Onto Your Lid to Prime



Alexa always has the fiercest eye looks, so I followed her makeup tutorial very closely. To minimize products, she brings her favorite concealer up onto her eyelid and blends it so that it can act as a primer before shadow application. While some may love buying additional primers, this is an easy way to get multiple uses out of products.

The Celebrity: Sabrina Carpenter
The Tip: Dust Bronzer Onto the Edges of Your Lips Before Lipstick Application



Sabrina Carpenter always has perfectly full and pouty lips, and she shared that she dusts a little bit of bronzer onto the edges of her lips to prep the shape and add more of a pout. I just started using bronzer on my nose, so the thought of using it on my lips is news to me.

The Celebrity: Shay Mitchell
The Tip: Dampen Your Beautyblender While Baking



No matter how much I set powder into my face and try to "bake," I don't get the brightening effect everyone said I should. In Shay Mitchell's beauty video with artist Ariel Tejada, I noticed they dampened the Beautyblender and then pressed the baking powder onto the skin, which allowed the product to soak in better and add more luminosity to the skin.

The Celebrity: Saweetie
The Tip: Spritz Setting Spray Onto Brow Pomade



When Saweetie pulled out her bottle of setting spray in the middle of her makeup routine, I was confused but then immediately intrigued as she spritzed setting spray onto her brow pomade. She claims it gives the brows a more "wet" look, but I like it to keep my brows in place throughout the day.

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The Celebrity: Rihanna
The Tip: Use Your Bronzer on Your Eyelid Crease



I would listen to anything Rihanna told me to do, but this tip is truly a favorite. In her Beauty Secrets video, she says this is an easy way to warm up the eye, but I also think it pulls your entire look together since you're using the same shade of brown on different parts of your face.

The Celebrity: Camila Mendes
The Tip: On Blemishes, Let Concealer Sit For a While Before Blending



I'm always in a rush, so I often quickly blend my concealer on my blemishes and it often doesn't do much to cover it up. Camila shared in her routine she applies a dot of concealer onto the blemish and then lets it sit for the remainder of her routine and blends at the end. This way, the concealer sets to the warmth of your skin and gives more coverage.

The Celebrity: Alexa Chung
The Tip: A Tooth Brush Makes a Great Brow Brush



Yes, you read that right. When Alexa Chung was filming her video for Vogue, she misplaced her brow brush and decided to hack it out with a toothbrush. I'm always misplacing my brow brush, and I don't know why I never thought to use a toothbrush. It sounds silly, but watch the video for yourself and see how well it works to give your brows that perfect fluff.

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