5 Carry-On Packing Tips for Thanksgiving Travel

Packing light really pays off—less time, stress, money, and fear of losing your baggage altogether. But now you are probably thinking, Can I actually pack everything in a carry-on with my obscene shoe collection? Problem solved—with these simple tips, anyone can pack a carry-on for a weekend getaway or even a full-week vacay.

Scroll down to pack smarter this Thanksgiving holiday.

1. Roll Your Clothing 
You’ve probably wondered, “Should I fold or roll?” The answer is to roll.  It saves a lot space—and bonus, it helps keep your clothes wrinkle-free.

2. Stuff Your Shoes
Not only will filling your shoes with underwear and socks use up extra space, but it will also keep the shape of your shoes—no one likes a crinkled boot!

3. Don’t Overlook the Pockets
Interior pockets add extra organization and exterior pockets give loads of extra room.

4. Plan Your Outfits in Advance
If you plan ahead and pack your outfits together, it will help ensure that you are not missing anything or over-packing. And for those who might be feeling extra ambitious and organized, you can pack individual outfits in these packing bags.

5. Put Your Shoes in a Dust Bag
This way, you can nestle your shoes close to your delicates without the fear of anything getting dirty or snagged.

Are you traveling this Thanksgiving? What's your go-to travel outfit? Let us know in the comments below! 

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