Byredo Just Re-Released This "Unnamed" Fragrance for Valentine's Day

There are a few fragrance brands that are so iconic, they're easily identifiable by scent alone. Maybe you're walking down the street and you catch a whiff of Le Labo's Santal 33 ($97). Maybe you enter a friend's home and you're greeted by the scent of Diptyque's Baies Candle ($40). Whatever it is, you're able to ID it almost instantly. 

Byredo is another good example of an iconic fragrance brand. No matter which perfume we're talking about it—whether it be the wildly popular Gypsy Water ($200), Mojave Ghost ($200), or Bal d'Afrique ($200)—most fragrance-obsessives can recognize it from a single sniff. It just goes to show how popular and universal the fragrances really are.

While the aforementioned scents are tried and true, the brand recently released (or should we say re-released?) a limited-edition scent for Valentine's Day. Here's the thing, though: it's unnamed. The blank bottle is meant to be customized by each customer, and the brand gives you the tools to do so. Keep scrolling to learn more about this unique fragrance. 

Here it is—Byredo's limited-edition Unnamed Eau de Parfum. The bottle comes completely blank save for the iconic Byredo logo across the top. The space in the middle is meant to be filled with letters or symbols of your choosing (but more on that in a minute). 

In a press release, Byredo's Founder and Creative Director, Ben Gorham, said, “In 2016, to celebrate Byredo’s 10-year anniversary we created an unnamed fragrance that allows our customers to choose a name meaningful to them, and customize the label of their bottle. This is our way of celebrating the notion and uniqueness of smell and an opportunity to thank our partners, retailers, and staff as well as the loyal customers who have supported and grown Byredo to what it is today." 

The scent itself is complex. To me, it veers on the sweet and floral side, although it does have some woody notes to it, too. According to the brand, the notes include pepper, fruit, gin accord, iris, violet, moss, and balsam. I wouldn't call it controversial. Instead, I'd call it sweet and pretty universally appealing, which makes me think it'd make for the perfect Valentine's Day gift. 

The whole point of this fragrance is to be a blank page on which each customer can create their own associations. Instead of telling the customer what the scent evokes, the brand wants the scent to drive the conclusion. They suggest putting anything on the label, whether it be "initials, a first name, a dream destination, a lucky number, a special moment, a time of day or night," or "an emblem." It's a way to express and explore your creativity. It's cool, right? 

By now you might be wondering how to customize the label. The brand makes it easy by including a compact envelope that contains letters and symbols in the brand's iconic typography. The stickers come in classic black, electric green, marine blue, and hot pink for true customization. Simply press, peel, and stick. It's that easy. 

Remember, this fragrance is limited edition. If there was ever a time to act fast, it's now—especially with Valentine's Day so close. Who wouldn't love a customizable gift? Especially one as elevated and sophisticated as this. 

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