On a Budget? Here's What's Actually Worth Buying This Season

I've personally proclaimed 2019 the year of smart shopping. Not to imply that this is a novel idea, but I'm slightly embarrassed to say it's new for me. Gone are the days when I splurge on trends that don't fit my style and pieces I don't need. This year I'll be taking a closer look at my purchases and talking myself out of buying that gray sweater or the white tee that look like the other 15 I already own. It's 2019, and I am officially on a strict budget, putting me in a position of having to pick and choose which trends I want to participate in this season.

So I asked myself Do I invest in a headband or neon pieces? Crystal belts or bike shorts? All? None? Ultimately I came to the overall question I am constantly asking myself as an avid shopper: What is actually worth buying this season?

If you find yourself asking the same question, I'm happy to share that I've found the perfect solution. After doing a deep dive, I was pleasantly surprised to find there's a chic affordable option for each trend, meaning it's actually possible to be on a budget and try them all, or at least a lot of them. Below I've rounded up the top trends I'll be participating in this season and the perfect pieces to invest in without hurting your wallet. Keep scrolling for your new wardrobe.

Bright Sweaters

Not sure if bright pieces are for you? Trust me when I say this trend works for everyone. Even if you're someone who typically sticks to muted neutrals, your closet needs at least one bright sweater this season because frankly, they're everywhere. And this way, you can try one that's more affordable so you don't feel like you're spending on something that you might not wear past this season.

For a more toned down look, pair your bright sweater with black denim and a neutral shoe, but if you want to stand out, feel free to mix patterns and colors for a look that's guaranteed to give off energetic vibes. You can't go wrong with a little pop of color.

Animal-Print Midi Skirts

If you're tapped into the fashion world, you know how popular the Réalisation leopard skirt was in 2018. And the trend has yet to die down with so many other brands stepping up to the plate with chic, versatile versions of their own animal-print skirt. You can find them in tiger, zebra, and leopard now, oh my!

Pearl & Crystal Accessories

Yes the holiday season has come and gone, but who says festive pieces can't last well into the New Year? Between belts, earrings, and headbands, crystal and pearl pieces are everywhere right now and there are so many affordable versions available to help you try the trend. 

Unique Structured Bags

Gone are the days of a designer bag being the popular way to make a statement. Lately we've been noticing new affordable brands popping up everywhere with structured and unique designs that are unlike pieces we've seen before. Say goodbye to your typical tote or classic crossbody and try one of these instead.


I'm personally super excited for this trend. As a lover of all things vintage, tie-dye coming back on the scene is a huge win for the girl who wishes she was born in a different era (me). Pair it with your favorite light-wash jeans for the perfect throwback look.

Shearling and Teddy Pieces

If you haven't already, it's officially time to invest in a shearling piece. Whether you're looking for a warm coat or a new bag, there's a reason shearling accents are everywhere right now, and these are the pieces we think are absolutely worth investing in. 

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