Britney Spears Uses This $15 Shampoo and Oops!… I Placed an Amazon Order Again


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Growing up, Britney Spears influenced my music taste more than any other artist. I'd beg my parents for each one of her new CDs, and when I got them, I'd play them over and over again until the reflective coating was almost completely scratched off. One of my fondest memories is when my parents gifted me her self-titled Britney album for Christmas. I stayed up listening to it with my ear pressed against my pink boom box, so as to not wake my parents who were sleeping down the hall. 

I still occasionally listen to my favorite songs (Cinderella, Overprotected, and Lonely among them), but I consider my Britney days to be mostly behind me. Or, at least, I thought I did. As it turns out I'm still being influenced by Britney Spears—except now I'm being influenced to buy beauty products instead of listening to the same song five times in a row. I just found out which shampoo she uses, and it's under-$20, eco-friendly, and in stock on Amazon. It's even discounted for Cyber Monday, so I couldn't help myself but place yet another Prime order. 

Instead of a traditional liquid or gel formula, Spears reportedly uses the plastic-free shampoo bars from Ethique. While we're not sure exactly which one she uses, there are multiple scents and formulas to choose from—like this minty one that uses peppermint oil, Ghanaian cocoa butter, and organic creamed coconut butter to refresh, moisturize, and cleanse hair without weighing it down. 

These shampoo bars are cruelty-free, plant-based, and made with sustainable and ethically sourced ingredients (oh, and there's no palm oil either). What's more is that each one is packaged in plastic-free, home-compostable cardboard. So yeah, they're probably some of the most eco-friendly shampoos on the market.

The best part is that using them is easy and they last up to 80 washes. Simply wet your hair and the bar, massage the bar into your roots, and lather. That's it. From there, just follow up with a conditioner. (I have some recommendations for you, but more on that in a minute.)

This one is safe for color-treated hair and uses mango seed butter, peach kernel oil, and rice powder to balance the hair and scalp. It also adds shine and bounce. 

If smoother hair is your goal, this one should help. It's deeply moisturizing to restore shine. 

Personally, I think Spears would approve of this one. It's formulated to balance the hair and scalp (in other words, it hits the sweet spot between dry and oily) and is scented with sweet vanilla and zesty grapefruit. I don't know about you, but to me, that sounds delightful. 

If you have blonde hair like Spears, this one might be for you since it helps keep brassiness at bay. The purple pigment (from naturally occurring sources like beetroot powder) counteracts yellow and orange tones to keep blonde and silver tones bright. 

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Kaitlyn McLintock
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