How to Dress Like a British Girl in 9 Easy Steps

By now you should be well-versed in French-girl style. If not, see here, here, and here for what they're wearing now and how they're wearing it with that ubiquitous effortlessness. Just like French style is known for its effortless, subtly sultry vibe, British style is known for its polished, at times grunge-inspired aesthetic. The tiny country of Britain (seriously, it could fit into Michigan) is responsible for a hefty percentage of our sartorial inspiration. Whether you’ve been influenced by individuals (Alexander McQueen, Jane Birkin), entire movements (Mod, Punk), or are just an avid fan of the trench coat, chances are we're all in the same boat.

Ahead, we're breaking down exactly how to dress like a British girl in nine key steps, as illustrated by our favorite UK bloggers like Christine Reehorst of Fash n Chips and Susie Lau of Style Bubble to help you emulate the style. 

Step 1:


Fashion Me Now

Smarten up a mom jeans–and-tee combination by throwing on a Savile Row–style menswear coat, as seen here on Christine Reehorst of Fash n Chips

Step 2:


I Want You To Know

Doc Martens go with everything. Take a note from I Want You to Know's Kristabel Plummer and ground a sunny dress by wearing it with tights and these chunky, flat shoes. 

Step 3:


Park and Cube

The French may have the Breton stripe, but the British have cheery tartan thanks to their Scottish brethren. Instantly add some color to a camel coat by tossing on a red version, like Shini Park from Park and Cube

Step 4:


At Fashion Forte

Shrunken, school-uniform suiting looks grown-up when worn with lace-up heels as seen here on Rosie Fortescue from At Fashion Forte

Step 5:


La Petite Anglaise

Everyone in the UK is well versed in mixing colors and prints, but we particularly like this version on Ella Catliff from La Petite Anglaise because it is not too overpowering. Plus, the Peter Pan coat adds a touch of sweetness. 

Step 6:


Style Bubble

Embrace graphic sportswear like a hip British girl. Susie Lau from Style Bubble is quite a pro when it comes to in-your-face awesomeness. We love the subtle graphic on this sheer dress paired with a plain baseball cap. 

Step 7:


Camille Over The Rainbow

A slinky minidress is sometimes too obvious, so make a subtler statement and throw on an oversize peacoat. You'll also be grateful for it in unexpected (constant) rain showers, as Camille Charrière of Camille Over the Rainbow is here. 

Step 8:


Fashion Me Now

If one person could embody the style of a country, it would be Kate Moss for Britain. For your next casual evening out, don a slouchy gray turtleneck, lace-up black jeans, and a faux fur jacket. Finish with bedhead and Chelsea boots (another bastion of British style) like Fashion Me Now's Lucy Williams. 

Step 9:


5 Inch and Up

Even when the clothes are subdued, accessories shall make themselves heard. Next time you step out in a simple outfit, accessorize with a telephone-box red manicure and a houndstooth purse for a little extra character as demonstrated here by Sandra Hagelstam of 5 Inch And Up.