8 Secrets to Dressing Like a British Girl

British girls seem to naturally possess a certain unintentional sophistication that we all can’t help but seek to emulate. Take Alexa Chung, for example. The veteran It girl’s style is unstudied, and she always looks comfortable (even on the Met Gala red carpet). On a recent visit to London, though, I couldn’t help but notice that every girl who walked down the street had a timeless yet cool air about her. I was instantly fascinated by this elusive British girl style.

To get to the bottom of what goes into the signature look of the UK-based set, we consulted an expert on the subject: Mariam Boutorabi, head of womenswear design for longtime British-girl favorite brand Boden. Boutorabi schooled us on the sartorial philosophies, wardrobe essentials, and go-to outfits of a typical British girl. I also got a sneak peek at the brand’s upcoming fall collection, and the models in colorful outerwear and comfy block-heel pumps were what you could call style-savvy English roses. Think a mix of Kate Middleton and Sienna Miller.

"I think a lot of British style is about confidence," Boutorabi mused. "A look is never overworked, and it always looks natural and real. British style can be deeply rooted in our heritage and is reinvented every season in a modern way. It’s eclectic, and we are good at mixing the old with the new."

Check out what Boutorabi cited as the secrets of British-girl style and shop pieces to help you achieve the signature look below.