New Yorkers Agree: These Are the Most Popular Fashion Brands

While every fashion girl outside of New York looks to America’s fashion capital for some serious style inspiration, we’re always curious how the city’s style evolves from season to season. From the essential closet staples every New York girl owns, to learning key wardrobe differences when moving from coast to coast, New Yorkers seem to know how to dress for life in the big city. From oversized puffers, the perfect winter boots, and adopting bold trends each season, predicting the hottest trends and being ahead of the game is what they do best. Whether it’s dressing up for Fashion Week, or riding the subway commuting to work, these fashionistas are always on point.

Curious to find out the brands that inspire the women living the big apple, we teamed up with the data specialists at Social Context Labs for insider information. The experts researched social media behavior to gather the city’s most popular fashion brands, aka the brands everyone can’t help but tweet, Instagram, or Facebook about to their social following. By analyzing all social conversation, the experts were able to determine the absolute most popular fashion brands among women living in the NYC area.

Major brands that everyone knows are, of course, household names and made the short list. But we couldn’t help but be surprised at some of the results! Did your all-time favorite fashion brands make the cut? Keep reading to find out why these popular brands continue to be in favor for New York’s fashion gals.