These 47 Black-Owned Products Will Upgrade Any Haircare Routine

I spend copious amounts of time searching for new beauty products, specifically the next best haircare products. Of course, my endless journey of testing curly hair products is not unique; people worldwide are always in pursuit of the best styling products for their textures. But the search for products that work for my curl type and fulfill specific styling needs that are also consciously made and align with my values (such as practicing sustainable ethics or being Black-owned) sometimes leaves me feeling exhausted. Finding the perfect hair product that ticks off all the boxes can be daunting, but luckily, I’ve done the work and unearthed a few gems in the haircare aisle. 

Ahead, you’ll find the best Black-owned hair brands that have the perfect products to inject into any haircare routine. Whether you rock a weave, locks, box braids, blowouts, or your natural texture, the ideal Black-owned hair product awaits.

Pattern Beauty

We’ll be the first to admit we’re fans of anything Tracee Ellis Ross does—but that doesn’t mean our love for her haircare line, Pattern Beauty, is unwarranted. Not only does the haircare line specialize in products intended to match your curl pattern, but also with products like its treatment mask (which has rice protein in it), you can rest assured your curl’s thirst is getting quenched.


Founded by Mahisha Dellinger, the Curls brand has been a mainstay in women’s haircare arsenals since 2002. While the brand specializes in specific styling products for each curl type, its leave-in conditioner is its hero product because its blueberry formula promotes hair growth for all textures.


If we’re talking about brands that pioneered the natural hair market, then you have to give props to Kinky-Curly. Founded in 2003 by Shelley Davis, this brand paved the way for major retailers across the country to make accessible haircare products for women with curls. You can’t go wrong with any of its products, but if you’re not sure where to start, the leave-in detangler will make yanking out knots a thing of the past.


We love to look to French women for style inspiration or skincare insights, but we should also be looking to them for haircare inspiration (specifically, French brand Kadalys). Founded by Shirley Billot in 2010, the Black-owned beauty brand specializes in sustainable, banana-based products that will change your haircare routine. Just try its green banana precious oil, and tell us your curls don’t have that je ne sais quoi.

Sunday II Sunday

Balancing a regular workout regimen with a haircare routine can feel unnecessarily challenging, which is what led Keenan Beasley to found Sunday II Sunday. With products focused on maintaining your protective hair in between your busy schedule, they’re great for anyone with box braids or a weave looking for a scalp serum.

Curls Dynasty

For anyone rocking their natural texture, having a weekly to monthly deep-conditioning masque you can count on is a must. For me, that is Curls Dynasty’s pumpkin mint masque. Founded by Nickie Nougaisse in 2014, the brand creates all-natural haircare products perfect for anyone transitioning to their natural texture. 

Kreyòl Essence

If you’re not new to this haircare game, you’re very aware of the promoted benefits of using castor oil in your haircare routine—but finding the right oil that’s undiluted, sustainable, or Black-owned isn’t always the easiest. Fortunately, Kreyòl Essence exists, and the brand produces sustainably harvested Haitian Black Castor Oil that will keep your braids or curls in check.


There’s an average amount of hair shedding that’s natural with coiled textures, but if your hair is suffering from severe breakage, try testing out Curldaze’s products. While struggling with hair loss in 2010, Robyn Atwater created the first product, a hair oil blend, which led to a line of products meant to help get hair (no matter how you’re styling it) back to its healthiest form.

Mixed Chicks

For women whose hair isn’t bone-straight but doesn’t quite require the level of moisture or care that 4a and up textures need, I recommend adding Mixed Chicks haircare products into your routine. Keeping up with day-to-day styling can mean that your hair is either over-moisturized or dry, but Mixed Chick’s overnight foam (which is a fan favorite) will keep your curls poppin‘ long after washday.

Bomba Curls

No matter your curl pattern, if you suffer from low porosity (aka your hair struggles to maintain moisture), it’s important to incorporate a great oil into your styling routine. Bomba Curl’s Forbidden Oil has been a game changer for me since it’s not as heavy as castor oil, which weighs down my 3b/3c coils. Still, the hybrid blend crafted by Afro-Dominicana founder Lulu Cordero will ensure that hair looks and feels its best.

Eden Bodyworks

For protective hairstyles to be effective, it’s critical to keep your scalp moisturized. Eden Bodyworks’ papaya castor scalp massaging serum is a must-have. The oil-and-serum formula will moisturize and fight itching, and knowing that you’re supporting a Black-owned brand is a bonus.

Carol’s Daughter

The basis of any good hair day is a great washday routine. But as many of us know, shampoos can leave coiler textures drier than before, which is why you’ll want to test out Carol’s Daughter Goddess Strength Fortifying Shampoo. Not only is it from a beloved Black-owned haircare brand, but also it contains castor oil and black seed oil, which strengthens hair follicles ensuring that your hair stays hydrated beyond washday.


For people who have fine, easily damaged hair or delicate curls, finding products that help build stronger hair follicles has been a challenge—until now. Founded by Lavada Dale, Haircredible Hair Care’s biotin haircare line is the perfect solution for promoting hair growth. 

The Doux

What happens when a cosmetologist creates styling products? You get the Black-owned brand The Doux. Founded by Maya Smith in 2009, the brand makes the perfect products for wash-and-go days. The texture foam is great for adding definition to curls. 

Rucker Roots

If an all-natural haircare routine intrigues you, buying from the Black-owned brand Rucker Roots is a must. With zero sulfates or parabens, its products will be your new go-to. We recommend starting with the Growth Serum. Formulated with argan oil, shea butter, and cocoa seed butter, it’s perfect for maintaining a silk press.

Glammed Naturally Oil

Maintaining moisturized braids or flawless edges requires a good hair oil in your arsenal—Glammed Naturally Oil’s braid oil solution is just that. Not only is it formulated with essential oils, but it will also keep your scalp from flaking, along with restoring and preventing edges from thinning. Plus, it’s from a Black-owned brand, which makes it even better if you ask us.

Mylon’s Natural Haircare

Baby hairs can be the bane of styling—luckily, the Black-owned brand Mylon’s Natural Hair Care is here to solve these common woes. If you live for a slicked-back look, then you’ll want to incorporate its Natural Edge Control gel into your routine stat.

Ted Gibson

What do Anne Hathaway, Renée Zellweger, and Zoe Saldaña have in common? Their hairstylist Ted Gibson. Of course, the best hairstylists do end up creating the best hair products. Case in point: Gibson’s Texture Meringue. It can be used to enhance and protect any hair texture pre-blowout. Talk about a universal hero product.


If you frequently switch between protective styles and blowouts and presses, then you know it’s critical to invest in an arsenal of products that ensure your hair stays healthy no matter how you style it. Nuele’s hair serum can do just that. It doubles as a heat protectant and a daily deep moisturizer to ensure that hair stays healthy no matter how it is styled.

Oyin Handmade

Whether you have low porosity or a coily pattern, you’re most likely no stranger to struggling with retaining hair moisture—which is why a product like Oyin Handmade’s pomade is perfect for your texture. The formulation of oils, butter, and veggie wax acts as a humectant for hair to lock in moisture and keep curls shinin‘.


Maintaining moisture is a common haircare woe, but another one is combating greasiness and product buildup. If your current wash-and-go situation is leaving your hair feeling weighed down, then you’ll want to put Tgin’s miracle RepaiRx curl protein reconstructor to the test. Its natural formula removes product buildup and smoothes hair cuticles like a dream.

Bask & Bloom Essentials

A good curl mousse is essential in anyone's haircare routine. Black-owned brand Bask & Bloom Essentials’ Curl Mouse will give you touchably soft curls but can also be used to refresh protective styles.

Adwoa Beauty

For anyone who struggles with dandruff, dry scalp, eczema, psoriasis, or rosacea, finding a deep-conditioning treatment is the key to combating those flakes. Fortunately, the search is over thanks to Adwoa Beauty. The brand’s Baomint treatment contains a hybrid of oils meant to relieve itchiness and anti-fungal properties that help keep flare-ups at bay.


Let’s be honest: Scalp irritation from braids, hair extensions, weaves, and dreadlocks can be downright annoying. Whatever style you love to wear, scalp irritation can be a given, unless you’re using Black-owned brand Canviiy’s hero product, Scalp Bliss Serum. This organic mix of aloe, lavender, witch hazel, manuka honey, and peppermint oil is perfect for soothing even the most irritated scalp.

Melanin Haircare

Fact: shampoo does not need to strip my hair of moisture in order to be effective. Don’t believe me? Just test out Melanin Haircare’s African Black soap reviving shampoo. Formulated with cocoa, shea butter, argan oil, tea tree oil, black cumin turmeric oil, and spearmint, your hair will love this shampoo.

Kinky Tresses

What happens when a scientist studies curly hair and creates a new brand? You get Kinky Tresses. After dealing with severe chemical relaxer burn, founder Shawna Moses decided to make a haircare brand meant to help dry, damaged hair—the result is a set of products that will help transitioning hair thrive in its natural state.


Two things can be considered top-tier life experiences; good hair days and giving back. And the Black-owned fair-trade brand Alaffia combines both of those feelings. Not only does the brand create handcrafted haircare products, but also each purchase goes toward the brand’s empowerment projects aimed to help Togo communities with access to education, maternal health, FGM eradication, and environmental sustainability.


Bouncing back from heat damage or chemical relaxers can be challenging—but that’s nothing Naturalicious’s Spanish Almond Regrowth Oil isn’t willing to tackle. Founded by Gwen Jimmere as a way to simplify haircare routines, from her regrowth oil to styling products, everything is meant to cut down time spent on hair maintenance without sacrificing its health.

NaturAll Club

Twisting paste is an essential part of maintaining healthy locs and promoting hair growth, which is why it’s important to invest in the right product. If you’re not sure where to start, look no further than the Black-owned, ethically sourced avocado hydrating twisting paste from NaturAll Club.

Qhemet Biologics

Qhemet Biologics makes products based on African, Mediterranean, and Ayurvedic traditions. Formulated with castor oil, olive oil, and amla, this heavy cream is up for hydrating even the driest, thickest hair. 

Mielle Organics

Split ends are a nuisance for any hair texture, which is why having a treatment to combat breakage is a must. Mielle Organics’ rice water treatment will do just that since rice water has been proven to penetrate damaged hair follicles and repair them from the inside out.

Alikay Naturals

For many women on their natural-hair journey, YouTube is the place to learn about their textures and share their evolutions—for Rochelle Alikay Graham-Campbell, that sentiment rings true. After sharing her haircare journey, she was inspired to launch her all-natural haircare line, Alikay Naturals, which has become a beloved brand.


If you’ve been searching for a haircare product that will not only moisturize your locs but keep them fresh, then you’ll want to add Black-owned brand Ooli’s fragrance into your arsenal.

Uncle Funkys Daughter

Whoever said that all-natural haircare products couldn’t effectively maintain healthy curls never tried any products from Uncle Funkys Daughter. Acquired by Renee Morris, this Black-owned brand continues to create crowd favorites, including its Curly Magic Curl Stimulator (which is excellent for 3c to 4c curl types looking to define and elongate their curls).


Anyone who’s experienced the “big chop” or is adopting protective hairstyles can relate to founder and board-certified dermatologist Camille Howard-Verović’s story. After cutting her hair and realizing there was a lack of haircare products specifically for caring for natural hair while wearing protective styles, she founded Girl+Hair. Of course, the brand now specializes in various haircare products, but the Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinse is a must-have.


You may have spotted Briogeo before, but did you know that the brand is Black-owned and a clean haircare line formulated to help all textures? Founded by Nancy Twine, each product is 90% to 100% naturally derived and has sustainable packaging material. Talk about a good find.

TPH by Taraji

Ensuring your scalp is clean and hydrated is an essential part of maximizing any protective hairstyle—which is why Taraji P. Henson founded her vegan, cruelty-free, and paraben-free haircare line, TPH by Taraji. There’s an array of excellent products, but its serum will keep your scalp super hydrated and maximize the benefits of your protective style.

Camille Rose

No matter if you have thick curly hair or thin straight waves, hair loss is common for all textures. Fortunately, there is Black-owned brand Camille Rose’s Rejuva Drops. Containing saw palmetto, its formulation naturally blocks the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which is known for causing balding. 

Felicia Leatherwood

The key to any good hair routine is having an arsenal of hair products and tools you not only can rely on but also love. A detangling brush can do wonders for hair, and this one from the Black-owned brand Felicia Leatherwood is a game changer.

Miss Jessie’s

All 4a curl patterns and up, let us introduce you to your new favorite curly hairstyling product: Miss Jessie’s Curly Pudding. Formulated with your specific texture in mind, it’s guaranteed to add shine and stretch to your curls.

Glow by Daye

As cliché as this sounds, headwraps will 100% transform your haircare routine. So why not buy one from the Glow by Daye? You’ll be supporting a Black-owned brand while getting your beauty sleep and preventing frizz—multitasking at its finest.

Kosa Professionals

If you are a fan of heat styling, then you'll want to invest in a flat iron from the Black-owned brand Kosa. This flat iron is not like the rest, because it has multiple ceramic-topped layers designed to prevent hair breakage.


Not to get all woo-woo on you, but if you’re looking to embrace your curl’s divine structure, then you’ll want to shop Black-owned brand Meraki. Unlike other brands, it specializes in ground-breaking formulations containing amethyst gemstones so your hair and your aura will be protected.

Baby Tress

You can’t get the baby hairs or edges in formation without the right styling tool—enter the Baby Tress brush. Baby hairs don’t stand a chance.

Charlotte Mensah

While it’s essential to evaluate how effective a product is for your specific hair goals, it’s also important to understand if the oils within your haircare products are ethically and sustainably sourced. One Black-owned brand that’s leading the charge in that arena is Charlotte Mensah. Because great hair should also be great for the planet.


We’ve spoken before about our love for Frigg beauty, and we will again. If you’re looking for an all-in-one oil that can combat your dry scalp or dead ends or enhance growth, then you only need Frigg’s Attuning Hair Potion. Basically, it’s magic in a bottle.

Bread Beauty Supply

If you’ve scrolled this far, then you’re probably wondering: How do I simplify my washday routine? Start by turning to the Black-owned brand Bread Beauty Supply, which specializes in creating easy washday pairings for all hairstyles. Trust me—you really can’t go wrong with these kits. 

Keep in mind that the best products are the ones that work for you. Every person’s routine is as unique as their curls, so don’t be afraid to test things out—there are so many great products available, and if they happen to be Black-owned, that’s just the icing on the cake.

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