7 Timeless Shoe Styles to Shop for This Black Friday

Black Friday Shopping Shoe Capsule Wardrobe


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If you're an avid sale shopper, you've been counting down the days to Black Friday since last year, so you are well aware that one of the biggest shopping days of the year is quickly approaching. While we aren't revealing any sale info just yet (but stay tuned because we have tons of helpful Black Friday shopping stories coming down the pipeline), we are going to help you plan and prepare for what to buy when the time finally comes, specifically in the shoe department.

We can almost guarantee that glitzy, trendy, and semi-impractical yet enticing shoes will go on sale during Black Friday and you will be tempted to buy them mainly in part because of the price. While we don't want to deter you from buying something you truly love, we do want to rein you in to remind you that large sale days such as these are the best opportunities to build out your ideal shoe capsule wardrobe.

Ahead, we have identified seven timeless shoe styles that you should be on the hunt for this Black Friday if you know what's good for you. This sale season, instead of getting distracted, get focused and keep an eye out for any of the classic shoe styles ahead. Trust me, owning an assortment of at least five of the below styles will ensure you have the perfect shoe to wear time and time again. 

Ankle Boots

Is this not the chicest toe you've ever seen?

Once you have a solid black and brown pair, go for something unique to switch it up.

Strappy Sandals

I promise, after your third season wearing these, you'll realize they are worth the splurge. 

Or you can go for the trusty under-$100 option. 


I'm not a flats person, but I am so here for these.

All of your jeans will look good with this sleek pair. 

There is something about this shoe that just looks so cozy.

Evening Shoes

A nude strappy sandal is a must among your party shoe assortment. 

If you're in the mood to spend, Amina Muaddi is always a good idea.


In case your current pair is looking tragic. 

Wear these to the airport once and you'll never wear another shoe when flying again. 

Utility Boots

Hiking shoes but make it fashion.

If these aren't officially a classic, I don't know what is. 

The stylish way to wear a multifunctional boot. 


Fun fact: I bought these three years ago and still wear them.

I'm sorry, but that bow is irresistible. 

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