My 60-Year-Old Mom Is Waiting Until Black Friday Weekend to Shop These 5 Staples

The Best and Cheapest Basics to Buy on Black Friday


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I’ve gone over this before, but my 60-year-old mother, Nancy, loves to shop. While she’s all for testing out new trends from time to time, she’s usually on the hunt for those stylish basics to work within the timeless wardrobe she’s been curating for years when she’s out shopping. But she’s not one to just throw tons of cash at a full-price staple. She loves a deal. Who doesn’t, right? So Black Friday weekend is usually when she gets down to business. Sure, she’ll search for gifts during this time (mom, if you’re reading, I have a list), but every year, she uses the weekend as her moment to score big on her wardrobe essentials because many of her favorite retailers slash their prices on basics (among other things) in a significant way.

Keep scrolling to uncover the on-sale basic silhouettes (complete with a range of similar shopping picks) making it on her Black Friday list. Hey, given her experience in building a well-balanced closet of basics, you may just find an expertly picked, recommended staple (or several) that could work for you too—no matter your age. Because remember, age really has nothing to do with what you should and shouldn’t wear.

Neutral Dresses

“I don’t wear dresses too often, so I don’t always like to spend a ton of money in this department. But I do have a few events coming up, so I want to find something flattering yet neutral (I like to keep it pretty basic to play with my accessories) over Black Friday weekend. You know, something on the cheaper end that’s still stylish."


“I’m basically always looking for the perfect jeans. And honestly, I never want to pay full price for those that I test out. This BF, I actually want to find a few pairs of flattering skinny jeans, as well as an affordable pair of straight-leg jeans.”

Solid Sweaters

“I almost always treat myself to a sweater this time of year to freshen up what’s currently in my closet. This season, I’m excited to shop for a style that’s timeless in shape, but feels cool and luxurious-feeling.”

Classic Boots and Flats

“Why pay regular price for that perfect pair of boots or flats when you could find that pretty style for almost half off? That’s how I think, anyway. I’m still on the hunt for a sleek pair of flats I can wear for more dressed-up occasions, as well as a pair of booties that can make my casual looks feel a bit more polished. So I hope I find both this BF weekend.”


“As I experienced last year while shopping, you can great deals on basic activewear pieces on BF and Cyber Monday. I plan on cleaning out my drawer and updating my assortment with new leggings that I’ll wear with ankle boots and longer sweaters or with my Nike pullovers and sneakers for running around.”

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