Welcome to Sagittarius Season: These 30 Epic Buys Make Up My Birthday Wish List

birthday wish list

Welcome to Sagittarius season, everyone. Say what you will about astrology, but you can't tell me that anyone born between November 22 and December 21 isn't one of the most adventurous, fun-loving, and optimistic people in your friend group. As a Sagittarius sun sign, I may be a bit biased here, but I think we archers have a natural curiosity about life that's pretty infectious. We can be understandably hard to shop for since we tend to have a zillion interests and hobbies, which is why I'm unveiling my very own birthday wish list.

Of course, Sag season falls during the height of holiday gift shopping, so chances are you could use some inspiration on what to gift the fire signs in your life with (or yourself with—no judgment here). The gift ideas ahead involve everything from a few cheap thrills filling my cart at the moment to the luxury items that I'm jotting down because I'm a firm believer in manifestation. Usually, I compile a wish list like this just for the fun of it, but this year, I figured I'd publish it for a number of reasons. On the one hand, it's easy to share with friends and family as gifting inspiration (despite that my hints tend to fall on deaf ears), and on the other hand, it's a cute way to look at all my current favorites and perhaps select something to treat myself to.

Whether your favorite fire sign is a well-seasoned traveler, a fashion lover, or a health nut, as a fellow Sag and someone who identifies as all of those things, I promise that they’ll flip out over these birthday gifts.

Kicking things off with my favorite party-ready pieces because, well, 'tis the season.

A splurge for a hair clip? Yes, but Emi Jay's are the only ones I've found that can actually hold my thick hair. Plus, it speaks for itself.

Fuel their perpetual wanderlust and, who knows, maybe even inspire their next trip with any of these chic coffee table books.

Since Sags are known as the life of any party they're at, this LBD is a no-brainer.

Carrying this bag will be their excuse to bring up that time they studied abroad in Italy.

As the free spirits of the zodiac, they'll always appreciate a quirky fashion item like these printed jeans.

The perfect go-with-anything hoops made sustainably in Nairobi, Kenya.

We're all about low-maintenance beauty, so this minimalist set makes the perfect gift.

As an archer who recently celebrated her latest trip around the sun in this very jacket, I can attest it's birthday-approved.

My fellow editors have fully convinced me I need this jacket in my life.

My secret weapon for banishing sugar cravings and annoying bloat.

Leset's pillow bag was basically made for always-on-the-go Sagittarians. As the name suggests, it comes with a removable silk pillow, making it ideal for carrying on their next trip.

Your most in-the-know friend will appreciate these function-meets-fashion sneakers.

Sagittarians are all about the pursuit of knowledge, so this Bibliothèque scented candle is very on-brand.

Gift your astrology-obsessed friend with this handmade necklace with their sun sign, or better yet, snag one for their rising and moon signs, too.

Why gift a Sag with just any activewear when you can gift them with something that triples as swimwear, workout wear, and shapewear and was made from 3D knit?

Perfect for their next flight, which, knowing Sags, is never too far in the future.

We do love our fancy supplements.

So comfy I'm wearing them as I type this.