My Friends Are Always in a Fashion Crisis—6 Qualms I Squashed for Them


To some people, being a fashion editor might seem cool, but to my friends, it's an excuse to constantly text me for fashion advice, to treat my closet like it's their own, and, of course, to make fun of me for the crazy things I wear and the fact that I treat my shoes as my own flesh and blood. Each and every one of my friends is a true character in their own right, and today, you'll get a small glimpse of that as I share with you real-time screenshots of recent conversations I've had with them concerning their most recent fashion crises. You'd think I'd frequently turn to them for story ideas considering their sartorial qualms are so oddly specific, but I rarely do. But did conjuring up this story remind me of what a great resource my besties are? It most certainly did. 

Usually, I text my friends links to things to buy, general solutions to their random shopping questions, and so on and so forth, but this time around, I felt like really loving on them via this story. Below, you will see our conversations hashing out what's been bothering each and every one of them on the fashion front, my solutions to their issues, and the pieces I am suggesting they buy to help alleviate the crisis. From never having a versatile jacket to wear to wanting to dress like Hailey Bieber, I have a feeling that most of the fashion qualms below are ones you too have experienced, so sit back, relax, and enjoy getting to know my friends in the oddest way possible. Isn't the internet great? 


Qualm: doesn't own versatile jackets. 

My solution: Finding versatile jackets can be tricky. From the varying lengths, styles, and materials, it really does seem impossible to navigate which outerwear piece will be the true workhorse in your wardrobe. When looking for jackets that "match things," as Haley puts it, you want to search for neutral tones, simple and classic styles, and, in terms of sizing, go for something a tad oversize so that you aren't limited as to what you can layer underneath.

My suggestion would be to opt for trendless pieces such as denim jackets, trench coats, shackets, moto jackets, and a few of the other styles I featured below. Each can easily be layered over dresses and tops with varying sleeve types and only add to your overall look rather than take away from it, which some other, more overpowering outerwear pieces tend to do.

Shop versatile jackets:


Qualm: wants to know where to get blazers that look like the ones Hailey Bieber wears (and many others issues that I didn't have time to get to). 

My solution: Mimi is our senior social media manager here at Who What Wear and also happens to be one of my closest friends. Working in social media, she tends to become hyper-obsessed with a million different things at once, and right now, Bieber's blazer collection is one thing she won't shut up about. 

Bieber's blazers are always oversize and have this cool look that just can't be described. Unless you want to buy the exact designer blazers she wears, getting that same look can be tough, but hopefully, the below assortment will have Mimi (and you) feeling like the stylish It girl in no time. 

Shop blazers Hailey Bieber would love:


Qualm: wants to stop wearing skinny jeans but doesn't know which styles to start wearing in their place. 

My solution: Shopping for jeans is a very personal thing. Everyone has that go-to style that makes them feel 100% comfortable, and getting people to venture outside of that takes quite a lot. I've known Mackenna for years now and know that getting her to step outside of her comfort zone is no easy feat, so when she recently started wearing straight-leg jeans instead of her tried-and-true skinnies, I can honestly say I've never been prouder.

While I know Mackenna is trying to phase out her skinny jeans, the transition has been pretty trying, and I want to make sure she feels excited by all the new denim in her wardrobe versus intimidated by it. To help her out, I found a handful of pairs of jeans that aren't skinny but that also won't make her feel like she's drowning in a denim shape that's still a tad unfamiliar to her. Ankle-grazing, straight-leg, bootcut, and high-waist styles are what I focused on, and I hope they make the cut. 

Shop straight-leg jeans:


Qualm: doesn't own black heels that are casual but still cute. 

My solution: This particular qualm was the easiest to solve of the bunch. Michaela is one of my good friends who also works at Who What Wear with me, so she's always down for a quick shopping spree and has no problem trying out new trends and brands. It's honestly been months since she brought up the fact that she doesn't own a pair of black sandals that she really loves and can wear with everything, so I am glad we're finally tackling the issue today. 

She was in search of low-heeled sandals that she could throw on with dresses, jeans, skirts, and the like. The number of times we would be getting ready together and I would tell her to throw on some strappy black sandals and call it a day and she would yell "I don't have any, remember?!" in response was truly infinite, so it is with great pride and joy that I present the assortment of black heel options for you below. 

Shop simple black heels:


Qualm: needs cool basics he can wear both every day and with the trendier pieces in his wardrobe. 

My solution: Let's get one thing very clear: There are basics, and then there are "trendy" basics. We write about them all the time for women, but the concept applies to menswear as well. In case you aren't familiar, a trendy basic is an article of clothing that lends the styling ease of a basic while still having tiny elements that are on-trend. Jake actually put it quite nicely when he referenced T-shirts that are "big but also fit." That's a very specific kind of basic that men are gravitating toward more so than a simple white tee. Basically, it all comes down to the details.

Jake's style is pretty simple, but he isn't afraid to take a risk here and there as well, so shopping out some cooler everyday pieces was a breeze. Keeping in mind his new Fear of God hats, the below assortment should tide him over until another one of his trendy purchases pulls up. 

Shop men's trendy basics:


Qualm: basically needs a mini seasonal wardrobe update on a budget. 

My solution: Robby is one of my closest friends. He's been my roommate, dance partner, and handyman for quite some time now, and helping him shop has become one of my favorite pastimes. He has a very specific style but is willing to branch out if the look still feels on-brand for him. Having recently moved back to Los Angeles from New York, his wardrobe has started to feel disconnected from his new life, and that just won't do. 

While his overall personal style has remained the same, a seasonal and geographical update is much needed, and the quick assortment of summer must-haves should help him feel like his closet is back on track and ready for the Hot Girl Summer I know he is dying to have. Zara and H&M are the best bet for this particular qualm, and the below pieces prove it. 

Shop affordable summer essentials:

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Lauren Eggertsen
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