I Got Tickets to the European Leg of Beyoncé’s World Tour—How I'll Do My Makeup

If you're like me, you entered the Ticketmaster Hunger Games for Beyoncé's Renaissance World Tour tickets. I woke up at 3:30 a.m. (twice) to secure tickets in Europe. Was I exhausted and stressed? Yep. But after waiting in queues with over 22,000 people (and counting), I was lucky enough to secure Club Renaissance tickets! Hundreds of other people and I will be dancing the night away because there are no seats. Suffice to say, I will undoubtedly be wearing sensible shoes and may need an ice bath afterward. However, when it comes to my makeup, I plan on going all out. 

I've always loved the simple yet glam vibe of Beyoncé's makeup. (I'm still especially obsessed with her Coachella look—the clean skin and glitter lid are just *chef's kiss*.) So, of course, I did a deep dive to find out how her makeup artist, Sir John, has created looks that pop off the stage and last through hours of dancing and performing. Additionally, I tapped a few makeup artists to walk me through how to get our beauty looks ready for the tour with a few Beyoncé tried-and-true beauty staples as the inspiration. Keep scrolling!

Beyoncé Makeup Staple #1: Fresh Skin



The ensemble cast for the superstar seems to be fresh skin, an impactful lash, a glitter lid, and a liner. Of course, as a girl with hyperpigmentation, getting skin like Beyoncé's seems impossible. However, Erin Lee Smith, beauty director and in-house artist for lifestyle-and-fashion boutique ByGeorge, says a less-is-more application—with a light hand and the right tools—can get us there. First, there's skin prep. Typically, you'd start with a moisturizer, but in interviews, Sir John says he skips the moisturizer and goes straight to primer when prepping skin for concerts. 

Like my foundation and concealer, I tend to over-apply even primer. However, Smith says, "You don't need much. Just a pump or two." The key to primer doing its job well is letting it dry completely before applying your foundation. A foundation with long-wear technology is essential for long-lasting looks that stand up to dancing (and the occasional happy scream).

For a seamless, lightweight foundation application that doesn't feel or look heavy, Smith says to first apply foundation with a foundation brush and then set it with a Beautyblender ($20). "You can really press in the product with a Beautyblender," she tells us. "Just make sure it has a little moisture to it. You want the blender to be bouncy." 

As for concealing blemishes and hyperpigmentation, Smith recommends layering a concealer that matches your skin tone on top. "You don't want to put a spotlight on the blemish by using a color that is lighter than your face." For application, she uses a small brush to cover the blemish with concealer and lightly powders to set it. 

As you're evening out your skin tone, you may think it's time to bake. Nope. In interviews, Sir John says he doesn't bake; he cooks. His reasoning? Too much powder can actually age the skin. Instead, he uses a light dusting of loose powder to absorb the oil in the foundation, concealer, and T-zone. (Scroll to the end of the article to shop the exact formulas I'll be packing to achieve the results explained above!)

Beyoncé Makeup Staple #2: Glittery Cat Eyes 



Let's talk eyes. After some additional research, I got the deets on what Sir John applied for the Coachella look I have been obsessed with for years. He used two liners to line Beyoncé's eyes: a liquid liner on the top lid and a brown liner on the bottom. Of course, no matter what liner you use for your looks, keep a dry cotton bud on standby to clean up any mistakes. 

For the glitter lid, Lemonhead.LA's Spacepaste in Houdini was applied across the entire lid with Dirty Penny added to the center. For a more colorful Renaissance-inspired look, Lemonhead.LA founder Megan Dugan, told me how to layer the brand's signature glitter concentrates. First, apply Dirty Penny as a liner. Next, fade the pigment upward with Spacejam in Paradise Cove and highlight the corners of your eyes with Sheer Glow Jam Electric Daze. For application, Dugan recommend using a flat eye shadow brush, but she says you can also use your fingers or a blending brush for a more fanned out look.

And we can't forget about the lashes. Smith is a big fan of Loveseen's lashes. I am now, too, because they're crafted for people like me who find it challenging to apply falsies. "Loveseen lashes have a clear band that holds the individual hairs together," Smith tells us. "The clear band not only gives a more natural finish but also won't show that you may have applied the strip a little crooked." Additionally, if you have sensitive eyes like me, they feel as natural as they look (and you can reuse them).

Beyoncé Makeup Staple #3: Bright Pops of Color on the Lips and Face



Adding bright, full hues to the face can be daunting. But Danessa Myricks, makeup artist and founder of Danessa Myricks Beauty, says leaning into monochromatic colors makes the process easier. "Using the same color all over the face in varying intensities is an easy way to create a look that is both dynamic and cohesive," she tells me. 

Additionally, she recommends using long-wear cream products to create a highly pigmented look. "I love cream products as they are both easy to blend and vary in intensity," she shares. She recommends Colorfix in shades like Latte or Valentine to re-create some of Beyoncé's past looks at home since the formula is waterproof and can last up to 24 hours.

As you apply any pops of color to the face, she recommends starting with minimal product and then slowly building up. "Begin the placement of color in the area where you want the boldest intensity," she explains. "For example, you may begin your blush application at the apple of the cheek and then blend upward and outward to diffuse color if the intent is to have a bold cheek."

For a more lifted effect, she says to add more color to the temples. "In this case, your first tap would be in the temple area and then blend down toward the apples," she adds. And best of all, you can do all of this with your fingers, as she shares this is the best way to control the product. If you do opt to use tools, Myricks says, "fluffy brushes with longer hairs will offer a more diffused expression of color while denser brushes with shorter hairs will apply a bolder expression of color."

Beyoncé Makeup Staple #4: Edgy, Metallic Lips



Metallics are always in, and it's also another look Beyoncé donned for her Renaissance album art. But how do we select an eye shadow and lip color combination that works together? L.A.-based makeup artist Carol Park says to choose colors in the same color family. "For example, if you are applying a darker plum metallic on the lips, balance it out with a rose plum metallic on the eyes," she explains.

Additionally, she notes using colors that are complementary on the color wheel, like gold and purple, are great options. "A color combination I used recently to create a metallic lip was using the Milani Stay Put Lip Longwear Lipstick in Go Off for a beautiful dark-plum base and then applied the Adela May Beauty Metallic Plum Eye Shadow on top using a rounded flat brush. The dark-plum base created the most perfect backdrop for the plum metallic shimmers to stand out."

More Beauty Essentials I Love for Re-Creating Beyoncé-Inspired Beauty Looks

This oil-free, SPF-infused primer is a fan favorite and perfect for prepping the skin for an outdoor concert.

We love a drugstore that delivers. This 10-in-one formula does just that as it hydrates, evens the skin tone, minimizes texture, blurs lines, and keeps makeup fresh. 

For a full-coverage look, reviewers rave about this long-lasting liquid foundation if you have normal, combo, or dry skin and say a little goes a long way.

If you don't love slathering foundation on every spot of your skin, this oil-free stick formula boasting up to 24-hour full coverage—with a built-in kabuki brush— will help build a beautiful canvas ready for everything from glitter to blush.

Learning to color-correct isn't always a breeze. I say after a few times turning my face orange. However, this buildable, blendable four-in-one eye, lip, and cheek multistick—that's also noncomedogenic and hypoallergenic—balances out dark circles and dark spots without changing the color of my foundation and concealer.

I can vouch for this vitamin-packed, medium-coverage concealer, as it gives just the right amount of coverage without caking or creasing.

You don't have to go to the department store to get a solid liner that lasts, and this one is just 10 bucks!

Sir John says using coffee-hued eyeliner at the waterline is the best way to accentuate the eyes without weighing them down. Though I can't find the color he's said he's used on Queen Bey, this one is a close match.

If you're traveling this spring or summer for a concert and want to keep your makeup bag light, invest in a dual-sided brush to make more room in your carry-on for concert merch.

I have used this setting powder for years, and it's one I will never do a complete makeup look without, as it keeps my makeup in place without making my skin look too matte.

You can only drop a few things into your fanny pack before heading into a concert venue. One of my must-haves are blotting papers, especially if you're a combination skin girlie like me and have to touch up your makeup while simultaneously singing at the top of your lungs.

After Rihanna's stellar Super Bowl performance, it's safe to say everyone knows about this blotting powder. It's perfect for popping into even the tiniest bags to blot away excess oil anytime.

Going full-on metallic can be a little daunting, so there's a combination I like to use with this glass glow that gives me golden, glossy lips that aren't overdone. First, I line my lips with a brown pencil. Next, I go in with a brown matte liquid lipstick and add this gloss.

For a brighter, retro metallic lip, give this long-wear (lasts up to eight hours) liquid lip color a swipe. Just give your lips a scrub before application to prevent any dryness from peeking through.

I can't remember how or when I discovered this drugstore find, but it's the only one I've used for the last few years. (It's very easy to travel with too.) It sets everything in place without over-mattifying my skin.