Try This Results-Driven Skincare Brand, and You'll Become Immediately Obsessed

Finding skincare options that work takes a lot of trial and error. But lucky for us, there are brands touting clinically backed formulas that *actually* do what they claim, like StriVectin. The brand—launched in 2002— has always centered around cutting-edge ingredients, science, and innovation, and that laser-focus earned it 21 beauty awards in the first 18 months of being in the beauty marketplace. Not to mention that its patented, barrier-boosting NIA-114 technology (a patented form of Niacin) is infused in all of its products and is backed by over 35 years of research, 30 independent clinical studies, 150 published papers, and 90 global patents. There's a reason anyone who's ever tried a product from StriVectin is impressed—the stuff works.


(Image credit: @gerganavivanova)

So, which StriVectin products are an ideal addition to your routine? Well, that all depends on your skin's needs, but there is definitely something for everyone—whether you're dealing with hyperpigmentation, tech neck (it's a thing), or a skin barrier in need of extra care. Keep scrolling for our reviews on 15 of our favorite StriVectin products. 

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