Your Makeup Can Actually Look Better the Longer You Wear It—Here's How


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Ah, winter—the season of perpetually dry skin. Let's just say that can severely hinder your makeup application (and its staying power) if you don't have the right tools and hacks. Especially if you live somewhere like Los Angeles, the weather can be a bit unpredictable (colder in the morning, hot in the afternoon). Not to mention that some of us with acne-prone skin need noncomedogenic products that still meet our winter needs. Adapting is the name of the game, my friends, and celebrity makeup artists are here to help you do it.


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I asked three of them to reveal their tips and tricks of the trade that truly help makeup last its longest during the winter. A little tidbit of what they had to share? You guessed it: Hydration is key. Your makeup will look its best when you make good skincare a priority and prep your canvas nicely with a moisturizer and primer. Mix these elements together, and you'll have a seriously flawless finish. If you're curious about what makeup artists think are the absolute best winter makeup products to help you achieve this, keep reading below for all their insight.

Renée Loiz, Celebrity Makeup Artist & Founder of Color May Vary


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Jen Tioseco, Celebrity Makeup Artist


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Carolina Dalí, Celebrity Makeup Artist


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A few other editor-approved winter hydration staples that keep your makeup looking flawless:

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