You're Welcome: 21 Noncomedogenic Makeup Products That Won't Clog Your Pores


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If you have acne-prone skin, I'm sure you're way too familiar with the term "noncomedogenic" at this point. By the off chance that you're not, a product can be considered noncomedogenic when it's specifically formulated with ingredients that won't clog your pores. Seems easy enough to understand, research, and identify, right? Wrong.

Finding products that are truly noncomedogenic can be a bit tricky sometimes. There are so many commonly used ingredients out there that are actually considered highly pore-clogging (hi, coconut oil). It can be overwhelming trying to find both skincare and makeup that actually fits the noncomedogenic bill. This realization led me to dig a little bit deeper—especially when it comes to makeup products like foundation that literally sit on your skin all day.


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With a little help from our senior beauty editor Erin Jahns, I happened to discover a handy tool from Acne Clinic NYC that allows you to pop in the ingredient list in a product and it will tell you if it has any pore-clogging agents within the formula. It's been both a blessing and a curse, as it has led to the unfortunate discovery of how many of my makeup and skincare products I should probably stop using.


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On the bright side, it did make it easier for me to do some research on an array of noncomedogenic makeup I can now potentially use instead. It should also be noted that although some brands do exclusively carry noncomedogenic products, it's still not always a guarantee. It's a good idea to do a quick check on the ingredients list anyway before purchasing anything new. But for now, I've got you covered with the below finds. Keep reading for the best noncomedogenic makeup brands and products to add to your routine.

Merit Beauty

Thrive Causemetics

Pat McGrath Labs

It Cosmetics

Tower 28

Physicians Formula

Laura Mercier

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