This TikTok-Favorite Makeup Product Is the Secret to Faking Wide-Awake Eyes

White eyeliner on waterline



Most modern beauty trends—including "cloud skin," heatless curls, and all of the fruit-inspired makeup trends that have taken hold this year—start on TikTok. And the recent obsession with white eyeliner is no exception. We can trace it back to Alix Earle, one of the most popular TikTokers on the platform. In her GRWM videos, she'd create her trademark look with a swipe of white eyeliner on her waterline. Once her followers saw how quickly and easily it made her eyes look big, bright, and wide awake, it was only a matter of time before it went viral. 

And it did go viral. As a beauty editor, I swear I'm seeing more people use white eyeliner than ever before. I get it. I mean, who doesn't want to look bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, even if you're exhausted and on your second cup of coffee? If white eyeliner is all it takes to reduce my waterline redness, I'm in. Keep scrolling to see the internet's 14 favorite ones. 

Best Overall: ColourPop BFF Crème Gel Liner

Pros: Budget-friendly, waterproof, 18-hour wear

Cons: None

Even though it's only $8, this cream-gel hybrid works like it's double, if not triple, the price. It's creamy, applies smoothly, and never transfers, bleeds, or creases. I applied it to my waterline, and it stayed for six hours, which is impressive considering how watery my eyes are (allergy season is rough, folks).

Promising review: "Goes on smoothly and stays all day! I have hooded eyes and this liner doesn't smudge or transfer!" — Ulta customer

Pros: Waterproof, long-wearing, and creamy formula

Cons: None

This eyeliner is ultra pigmented and waterproof. It stays put up to 24 hours on eyelids and 12 hours on waterlines. It also glides easily without tugging, which is a must when using it in small, detailed areas. Let's just say I'm obsessed and leave it at that. 

Promising review: "This product glides on easily and lasts all day. I get the exact line I need from the first use to the last. I also love that it doesn't need to be sharpened which means none of it gets wasted and I get to use the entire stick. This is definitely my favorite eye liner." — Ulta customer

Pros: Waterproof, 24-hour wear

Cons: Not good for use on the waterline

I've been a big fan of these Diorshow liquid eyeliners for years, and this matte white shade is no exception. It's silky and deposits full pigment, and the pointed tip makes precise application easy. 

Promising review: "I purchased this online and am so pleased. Beautiful arcs with a fine tip point and the colors are great! I ordered 2 different colors and am so pleased with them. I'll definitely be ordering them again and trying different colors." — Ulta customer

Pros: Waterproof, 24-hour wear

Cons: Some people might not like the metallic finish.

Ask any beauty editor which eyeliner they wear for ultimate staying power, and I bet you they'll answer with this one. I personally have over 10 different shades, which is how I know they're truly waterproof. (I wear them on my waterline all the time.)

Promising review: "It's still very subtle and doesn’t make your look seem too bright or unnatural. It shines in the light and is definitely metallic. Having this one makes me want to start a collection of the colors for my bottom waterline!" — Sephora customer

Pros: Very long-lasting and water-, smudge-, and fade-resistant

Cons: Some people say it can become jagged once it's sharpened. 

If you want a white eyeliner that won't move—even on your waterline—I recommend trying this one. It boasts up to 36 hours of wear (yep, 36!). It's also waterproof and smudge-, fade-, and sebum-resistant. 

Promising review: "I didn't have high hopes for the eyeliner, but it surprised me. The eye liner stays on all day, and I have to wash my face extremely well at night to get it all off. It applies really easily, and smoothly." — Walmart customer

Pros: Multiuse pencil for eyes and face

Cons: Some people say it can smear. 

This eye pencil isn't just an eye pencil; it can also be used on the lips and brows. Admittedly, the white shade isn't as multipurpose as others in the lineup, but it still has its uses! It can be blended on the brow bone or inner corners of the eyes as highlighter. 

Promising review: "This pencil turned out pretty perfect. The formula is smooth and blendable without being too creamy nor too dry, it delivers pigment smoothly without being clumpy or skipping. The color is also perfect to pop onto the inner eyelids to brighten eyes." — Sephora customer

Pros: Waterproof, 24-hour wear with highly pigmented formula

Cons: Some people say the pencil can dry out, and it sets too quickly.

This white eyeliner is a personal favorite of Lady Gaga, so you know it's good. It has a cream-gel formula that sets quickly and stays put. Seriously, once it's on, you don't have to worry about it going anywhere. I love that, especially when I'm applying it to my waterline. 

Promising review:
 "I love this product. I love how easy it goes on and how it stays on until I am ready to take it off. l will keep buying this eyeliner." — Sephora customer

Pros: Waterproof, long-lasting formula with precise application

Cons: Not good for use on the waterline

What can I say about this eyeliner that hasn't already been said? It's silky and super pigmented and lasts all day. Plus, thanks to a precise tip, it can be used to create super-detailed strokes. I'll sum it up with this: It's just as good as the original black color. 

Promising review: "This is hands down my go-to eyeliner. Application is easy, and its easy to fix mistakes since it doesn't dry instantly. But when it does dry, it stays on for a good portion of the day." — Ulta customer

Pros: Budget-friendly, long-wearing formula

Cons: Some say the eyeliner can break. 

Another drugstore favorite, this one is retractable, meaning you don't have to deal with messy sharpeners. It delivers bold pigment and is surprisingly long-lasting for such an affordable price. 

Promising review: "Smooth, easy to apply and manipulate once on. Lasts through a 10-hour shift, intense gym workout, and chill time in the sauna. Best long-wear eyeliner for the price by far." — Walmart customer

Pros: Water-resistant, 24-hour wear and ergonomic applicator

Cons: Not good for use on the waterline

This liquid eyeliner was modeled after inky, felt-tip pens. As such, it delivers smooth, even, and highly pigmented color in a vegan and cruelty-free formula. It also boasts water and smudge resistance. That's impressive. 

Promising review: "Absolutely noooo eyeliners stay intact on my eyelids….they bleed onto my eyelids all the time, even waterproof. Finally, this one stays intact all through the day, and evening! Plus, it’s very easy to apply. Definitely recommend, just perfect." — Sephora customer

Pros: Creamy, buildable formula 

Cons: Some people say the soft pencil can break when it's time to sharpen it. 

Leave it to Glossier to develop a simple, foolproof eyeliner pencil. I appreciate its creamy formula that doesn't skip or tug when I draw it across my lash line. I also appreciate the matte finish, which makes it feel fresh and modern. 

Promising review: "I LOVE this eyeliner especially this color. I haven’t had the need to sharpen down yet so I don’t know if that will change my opinion if it isn’t easy but so far the product itself has a great formula." — Sephora customer


Pros: Creamy formula 

Cons: Some people say it's too creamy and thus difficult to apply precisely. 

If you want a super-creamy formula that won't tug or feel harsh on your eyelids, this is it. It offers intense, blendable color specifically for creating smoky-eye looks. (Although it works for the waterline, too.)

Promising review: "My new favoriteVery rich pigment, easy to apply, creamy, stays on for a long time." — Sephora customer


Pros: Budget-friendly, bold pigment

Cons: Some people say it doesn't last as long as other formulas. 

If you want a budget-friendly white eyeliner that can work on both the lash line and the waterline, this is it. I mean, it costs as much as a morning latte, yet it delivers bold pigment in a smooth formula. 

Promising review: "After using the product I just love it. The color, the easy use." — Sephora customer

Pros: Waterproof formula and super-precise tip

Cons: Not good for use on the waterline. 

Another liquid eyeliner, this one stands apart from the rest by the way it delivers silky, high-pigment color in a single stroke. It's all thanks to the ultra-precise brush tip, which deposits color easily with the flick of a wrist. 

Promising review: "New fav liquid liner. Goes on perfect and last all day! Very happy. Will be my new mainstay liner." — Sephora customer