9 Cool Shoe Brands I Promise You've Never Heard Of

It's now easier than ever to end up dressing just like everyone else. Thanks to social media, influencers, and fast-fashion retailers, it can often seem like everything we end up buying was pre-determined for us. We're constantly being served ads and promotions according to what the masses are currently interested in, and therefore, retailers are striving to meet their customers right where they are—wanting exactly what everyone else does. Are you sick of it yet? Because I certainly am.

As a means to satiate this craving for something sartorially different, I either shop vintage, or I shop at W Concept. W Concept is a marketplace for a slew of some of the coolest Korean designers. While its ready-to-wear section is something I spend way too much time perusing, it's the shoe section that I come back to time and time again. Here I have purchased some of the shoes I receive the most compliments on, and it's where I have sourced new brands that ended up blowing up including Reike Nein and Yuul Yie. That's right—they were on W Concept first, not Farfetch, Moda Operandi, or Net-a-Porter.

Ahead, I have rounded up nine of my favorite shoe brands currently stocked on W Concept for you to learn all about. I shopped out a couple of my favorite pairs from each brand, but I highly encourage you to take the time browsing the site for even more cool shoe designers hiding at the retailer. Be careful—you might just fall down the rabbit hole.

Meno de Mosso

The shoe styles you want to wear every day but with a little more oomph. 


Classic styles turned contemporary (with a handful of built-in jewelry). 


Vintage-inspired shapes with trendy details. 

Rachel Cox

Sensible shoes you can wear in your day-to-day life without looking boring. 


Everything from trends to classics can be found here. 


Fresh takes on staple styles including square toes, gold adornments, and more. 


Modern shoes with a retro feel. 


Shoes that make a statement so your outfit doesn't have to. 


Wearable, forward, and full of fun color palettes.