The Under-$22 Skincare Products Our Editors Consider Holy-Grail Necessities



Who What Wear editors are constantly testing new trends, clothing items, and beauty products (there’s a lot out there in the fashion and beauty spaces, which means there’s also a lot to sort through). So, when something rises above the noise and hits its mark with all of us, that's a big deal. That's what happened when we tried our favorite Versed products. From an exfoliating scrub that makes us skip our microdermabrasion habit to a cleanser that gave us baby-soft skin in two minutes flat, we have a lot of products to talk (and rave) about. 

That's why we decided that we would each share our holy-grail Versed products—the ones we reach for before all others. (At the very least, we figured that this would give us an outlet to express all of our pent-up admiration.) Keep scrolling to meet 12 Who What Wear editors and their favorite Versed products of all time.

Drew Elovitz, Director of Content Strategy & Senior Managing Editor 


Leslie Kirchoff

"I like to set achievable goals. For my skin, that's staying hydrated. I'm not rigid about my skincare routine (again, keep it simple), but I am strict about moisturizing. While I favor thicker creams in the dry, winter months, I always go back to Versed's Dew Point Moisturizing Gel-Cream come spring and summer. It is the perfect, lightweight formula for any skin type, and locks in hydration like a dream. Plus, the 2 fluid oz tube makes it perfect for travel."

Caitie Schlisserman, Managing Editor, Branded Content



"I've tried loads of eye products but nothing has blown me away as much as this one. This takes on dark circles like no other. It's formulated with vitamin C, ginseng root extract, and everyone's favorite, niacinamide, which helps brighten skin. That's not all—it also uses coffee seed extract which is known to help support circulation and flush out extra fluid that often gets caught in the under-eyes (gross, but true). I just love it so much. It's light, absorbs quickly, and really brightens things up for me."

Nicole Akhtarzad Eshaghpour, Senior Market Editor

"This cleanser is seriously a dream. It's effective enough to make you feel like you're really cleaning your face but never dries you out and leaves you with the slightest but loveliest scent of mint afterward."

Kristen Nichols, Senior Editor

"I'm always after dewy, glowing skin and serious hydration is key. This hyaluronic acid-packed serum is the product I always turn to for an instant hydrating boost and I simply can't get enough of it."

Allyson Payer, Senior Editor



"The Shortcut Overnight Facial Peel was the very first Versed product I tried and it's still my favorite. It makes my skin look so glowy when I wake up and miraculously doesn't dry it out."

Sarah Yang, Managing Editor, THE/THIRTY



"I had never tried a face oil before this one and now I'm a total convert. It sinks into my skin so quickly, which means that my skin automatically feels more moisturized, smooth, and glowy. Sometimes I even wear it solo without a moisturizer because it's that hydrating!" 

Kat Collings, Editor in Chief



"It's hard to find a sunscreen that is affordable, clean, and easy to wear, but miraculously Versed's is all three. Confession: I get a lot of the products sent to me, so naturally I have a ton of favorites from the line, but this SPF is the one product I jump to buy whenever there's a Versed discount code!"

Michaela Bushkin, Senior Fashion Editor, Branded Content



"My skin is super sensitive so I'm pretty careful with products containing acids or retinol ingredients. I won't get into my past skin horror stories (they're dark) but I will say that the Versed Press Start Gentle Retinol Serum is the first product in its category I've been able to use daily. Not only does my skin appear smoother, but I also don't experience any of the side effects that can come with retinol products, mainly red, irritated skin. It's also a total steal at $22." 


Erin Jahns, Senior Beauty Editor



"I'm still just as obsessed with this dullness-banishing facial scrub as the first day I tried it. Not only do I appreciate the soft yet juicy citrus scent (it's a dreamy way to kickstart your morning), but it delivers instant gratification in the smoothing and brightening departments. Most "quick fix" products in the industry are a scam, but one application of this stuff really does make a night and day difference in how my skin looks and even how my makeup applies afterward. Plus, unlike so many physical scrubs on the market, this one won't aggravate sensitive skin or scratch up your face thanks to the tiny microcrystals which are not only ultra-fine and gentle but are an 100% plant-based, biodegradable alternative to microbeads. In other words, your complexion and the environment will be so much happier!" 

Kaitlyn McLintock, Freelance Beauty Writer

"I've tried other dermaplaning tools from the drugstore, and they're usually dull and flimsy, so they tug at my skin rather than gliding across it. That leads to uneven exfoliation and, what's worse, irritation (my sensitive skin can't handle it). This dermaplaning tool, on the other hand, is sharp and effective. With a sturdy, slip-free grip and a single-edge stainless steel blade, it removes dead skin and facial hair in one fell swipe. I'm obsessed." 

Anna LaPlaca, Associate Editor



"I thought eye creams were just moisturizers with better marketing until I got my hands on this product. It's amazing at de-puffing and helping me fake a full eight hours of sleep (even if that's far from the reality), and especially on days when I have a slew of morning meetings or Zoom calls, I'll apply it at night and miraculously wake up to hydrated, fresh-looking eyes."

Natalie Cantell, Senior Director, Branded Content

"I love oils. Face oils, body oils, IMO there's just nothing that gets you glowier. The Versed 'Keep It Supple' body oil my fave because it's ultra-light and so quick to absorb, which translates to all the super-soft skin sans the worry that you'll leave an outline of your legs anywhere you sit down."