I Just Read a Ton of Online Reviews and Now Have These 17 Bras in My Cart

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The hunt for the best bra is, for many people (including myself), a years-long affair. Little did I know when I first entered the world of bra shopping that it would lead me down a long and winding road with dozens of recommendations from friends, a good amount of trial and error, and countless hours spent reading online reviews. Speaking of reviews, I recently found myself in a bit of an internet rabbit hole reading customer reviews in search of a good underwire bra. I won't go so far as to admit the actual number of hours spent searching (just trust me—it's a lot), but I will divulge my findings.

Namely, that all my research on retailers like Nordstrom, Amazon, and a few emerging bra brands like Cuup and Savage x Fenty resulted in adding 17 bras to my cart. From standard T-shirt bras I always need to restock to a few pretty lace options, scroll down to see all the best underwire bras that found their way into my cart, and read the reviews if you're so inclined.

Superior fit and solid support are the defining factors of Natori's world-famous Feathers Underwire bra. How else do you amass over 3000 glowing reviews on a single retailer's site? While the quality is definitely there, as evidenced by the reviews, the lace trim makes this one a bit more special than your average everyday bra.

3.6/5, 3039 reviews

I've waxed poetic about my own love affair for this particular bra, but Nordstrom shoppers are just as smitten as I am. One customer echoed my sentiments on the buttery-smooth mesh fabric and also added, "I had no idea an unlined mesh bra could be so supportive and flattering in a D cup. I bought two, and now I want to replace all my bras!"

4.8/5 stars, 5 reviews

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Personally, one of the things I always look for in an underwire bra is a non-padded cup that's smooth and comfortable yet supportive, and this one hits the mark. Plus, it's just really pretty.

4.7/5 stars, 125 reviews

I'm always hesitant to try out a new bra brand, but I'm drawn to Cuup's silky-looking material and range of nude and neutrals shades. As far as the fit goes, customers almost unanimously talked about how they forgot they were even wearing a bra with this on and pointed to the luxurious material and superior fit. 

4.6/5 stars, 632 reviews

While many customers noted that this tends to run small along in the band, once they sized up, they gushed about how supportive it is and particularly loved the full coverage. One reviewer noted that she loved how thick the band is, providing great support and comfort, adding "usually I need thicker straps to find them comfortable, but these are a normal width and don't dig into my shoulders like others of this size."

4.3/5 stars, 1186 reviews

I love a lace bra as much as the next person, but don't love when the texture is noticeable from underneath a shirt. Enter this bra, which has the pretty look of lace but with a smooth material that plenty of happy customers have ensured looks seamless underneath clothes.

4.7/5 stars, 697 reviews

If you're looking for a bra that's as pretty as it is supportive, this sheer lace option deserves your attention. As if the pastel color options and matching thong weren't enough to persuade me, this succinct review sums it up: "This bra is sexy, versatile, and perfect. It's unlined but it still makes you feel shaped and supported, as a size 34DDD you can't ask for anymore."

4.4/5 stars, 95 reviews

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This comfortable T-shirt bra offers the same great support with narrower lace straps and less coverage at the top of the cup for a more modern look. The contoured underwire cups—cast in ultra-smooth stretch fabric—create a naturally rounded, line-free silhouette that disappears beneath clothing.

4.6/5 stars, 860 reviews

"Being a transgender woman, I love wearing pretty lingerie," one reviewer shared. "It's so hard finding pretty bras in a size 42D. It seems that all the pretty sexy ones stop at 38. I love this bra not just for its looks but it's so comfortable and gives much-needed support.  I use to buy nothing but Wacoal lingerie but I'm all in on Chantelle from now on. It's more expensive but well worth the money. I highly recommend to everyone." We also gave this bra our editor-approved review.

4.6/5 stars, 1297 reviews

Support is the name of the game with this popular Wacoal pick. As the name suggests, it has full coverage and plenty of support to go around. "This is literally the only bra that fits me correctly," one reviewer got straight to the point, adding, "I am a very unique size. This is the bra I wear every day. It is very full coverage but fantastic."

 4.7/5 stars, 1067 reviews

Wacoal continues to hit it out of the park with its selection of incredibly supportive and full-coverage bras that have earned loyal fans, and, well, this one is no different, as I learned from reading reviews. Many customers shared that they were on their second or third version of this already with no plans of slowing down.

4.7/5 stars, 2325 reviews

Reviewers, especially with a D-cup or higher, gave glowing reviews of this bra, noting how the underwire is covered so well that they barely feel it and that even though the straps are not as wide, it doesn't dig into the skin like most full-figure bras.

4.5/5 stars, 1387 reviews

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For every T-shirt bra in my top drawer, I also like to have a demi or balconette option and this one looks promising. Reviews say it's comfortable enough to wear every day and that the blush color works well under light-colored shirts and blouses.

4.6/5 stars, 65 reviews

"Truly like this bra. It is hard to find a bra in a 38DD that is not padded or that allows for skin to show, I feel like I have been looking forever! So glad to find these! I gave 4 stars since these are a little delicate and I wonder about how much wear I will get in the long term," one review reads.

4.4/5 stars, 7 reviews

I first clicked on this bra because for how beautiful is it, I thought there was no way it was actually as comfortable as some of the other more basic bras next to it, so I had to see for myself. Sure enough, the customer reviews rave about its perfect fit and how it's actually more supportive than it looks. Is it bad that I would have still added it to my cart regardless? What can I say? I'm a sucker for a pretty bra.

4.8/5 stars, 429 reviews

When a classic T-shirt bra like this earns a solid five stars across the board, you know it has to be good. At first glance, it checks many boxes—a wide band, the right amount of coverage in the cup, and straps on the thicker side—and customer views echoed these details. "Zero dig, zero pressure, pure perfection," is how one reviewer described it, which, to me, says it all.

5/5 stars, 5 reviews

Calvin Klein's bras and underwear are a staple in my wardrobe, so this T-shirt bra caught my eye and just so happens to be on sale.

4.4/5 stars, 296 reviews