It’s Official: These Are the Best Trousers According to Style Experts

Like finding the perfect pair of jeans, searching for the best trousers to suit you can be equally challenging—so much so that a lot of us tend to avoid it all together. That is, until now. I called upon experts on the subject in the hope that they could share their wisdom and make shopping for trousers a more successful endeavour for us all. 

Whilst individual styles will be down to preference (trial and error is often the only way to finding your favourites), looking to other women who are a similar shape to you can be incredibly helpful. So, I thought it best to tap the knowledge of petite, tall and curve experts for their top trousers tips. And that's exactly what Monikh Dale, Rachael Keegan and Karina Marriott—fashion influencers and friends of Who What Wear UK—have shared below, along with their favourite trousers to shop. You're welcome. 

Also joining us on our quest is designer Laura Pitharas, whose eponymous brand boasts some of the finest tailoring on the British fashion scene.


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Yorkshire-born, London-based designer Laura Pitharas founded her sustainable luxury womenswear label in 2021 after studying menswear tailoring at London College of Fashion. 

How To Shop For Trousers Online 

When it comes to shopping for trousers online, it can of course be tricky to know which are going to fit. To give yourself a better chance of getting the right size, Pitharas says, "Always check the model's height, which is usually listed on the product information. Also look to see if the brand offers inside-leg measurements on site so you can compare yours. This is particularly important if you're tall to ensure the hem is sitting where you intend it to be." 

How can you ensure you've got the right measurements? Pitharas has advice for this too. "When measuring yourself at home, my top tip would be to find a template online to show exactly where the measurements need to be taken on the body, rather than guessing yourself. This will give you the most accurate reading against the size guide provided on most clothing websites," she says. 


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How To Know Which Trouser Styles Suit You

With so many trouser styles to choose from, Pitharas suggests it's best to try out a few you like to know what you're looking for. "The best advice I can give is to try various shapes and silhouettes in person, then you know what fits you, feels comfortable and which styles flatter you the most."

It's also important to think about fabric, says Pitharas. "For tailoring in particular, I always check the fabric compositions. Shop for close to 100% wool or natural fabrics so that the trousers keep their shape after wear."

Whether you're tall, petite or curvy, our experts are here to help you uncover the best women's trousers for you.

The Best Tall Trousers for Women:


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Most "tall" sections cater to women who are 5'7" and over, but influencer Rachael Keegan knows how to find trousers if you're taller than this. "Standing tall at 5'11", I’m always on the lookout for good trouser options that work for us tall girls."

Her first tip echos Pitharas—know your measurements. "It helps to know your inseam," says Keegan. "When shopping online for trousers, I automatically know that anything shorter than 30" won’t be long enough for me, so just be sure to always scan the product fit details section before adding to basket."

In the debate between online and in-store shopping, Keegan sits on team bricks and mortar. "I generally prefer to shop in person for trousers, however I can recommend a few brands that I usually rely on to provide a good leg length if you do want to shop online," she says.

"Arket, Cos and & Other Stories all generally fit me well, and I love that M&S offers petite, regular and long lengths in a lot of its trousers. Sézane trousers are usually made with longer legs, so I'm a big fan of them, too. Me+Em trousers usually have a thick hem, so you’re able to take them down if you’re on the taller side, which is a great hack."

Shop Rachael Keegan's Trouser Picks:

The Best Petite Trousers for Women:


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At 5'1", Monikh Dale is an expert at finding pieces that work for her petite frame. Her top tip? It's all about knowing your proportions. "I always say that petite girls can do any trend or style—it’s just about getting the right proportions for your shape. If you love something, there's always a way with clever tailoring or styling," she says.

Another hack for getting the right fit is to learn the basics of alterations, or have a great tailor on speed dial. "For tailoring, I often alter myself, but if it’s something a little more complicated or delicate, I’ll take them to Scobies in Wandsworth, London. I’ve worked with [owner] Diana for years now, and she knows exactly how I like things to sit and feel."

Shop Monikh Dale's Trouser Picks:

The Best Curve Trousers for Women: 


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"In a world that seems tailored to straight up-and-down-type figures, it can be hard to find the right trousers when you're curvy with a smaller waist and bigger thighs," says Karina Marriott.

When it comes to choosing the perfect pair, Marriott is the queen of helpful try-on IG Reels to suggest styles to other women with curves. "I mean, I love a wide-leg, cropped culotte as much as the next person. But, as Peggy Lee once sang, Is that all there is? If you've ever struggled with waist gaping or fabric bunching in the crotch area (a personal re-occurring nightmare of mine) then my advice is to look for trousers that are elasticated at the back to avoid this."

Shop Karina Marriott's Trouser Picks:

Shop Laura Pitharas Trousers:

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