21 Beauty Products So Good I Bought Them in Travel-Size Too


(Image credit: @adutakech)

While traveling is one of my favorite parts of life, packing for travel is not. I've always found it particularly stressful as there's so much to think about: the weather, destination, activities I'll be doing, type of hotel bathroom mirror situation I'll be working with… Do I need a blow dryer? The list of questions that go through my head goes on and on.

One thing that has made it significantly less stressful for me (and given me the ability to actually travel with just a carry-on) is that I've recently stocked up on many of my favorite beauty products in travel-size. This has revolutionized my packing experience—I no longer have to figure out which products are TSA-approved as they're already under the liquid size limit, plus I keep most of them together in my travel cosmetics case, so they're ready to go whenever I am. 

Below I've outlined my can't-leave-home-without products for skin, hair, and body that purchasing in travel-size has changed my life for the better. 




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Caitlin Burnett
Contributing Editor