Fashion Girls Refuse to Get on a Plane Without These Beauty Products

Best travel beauty products



As much as fashion insiders like to talk about, well, fashion, they very often have an affinity for all things beauty as well. Yes, just as quickly as they’ll tell you about the latest trends they’re adopting in their closets, I’m betting that they would be ready to spill just which life-changing mask they’re using or the concealer that never leaves their bag or the must-try Hollywood-approved spray tan if you asked them. So naturally, I did just that. Specifically, I wanted to find out the beauty products that are so good that they always land in fashion insiders’ travel bags. To me, a beauty product someone can’t travel without just has to be worth trying.

So what are the best beauty products according to fashion insiders? Ahead, I’m breaking down the items they’ll never leave the country without. Go on to shop their tried-and-tested favorites to add to your medicine cabinet.


"Usually, I go straight to work after being on a plane, so I always bring the Capture Youth oil-serum and mix it with my foundation for a touch up before I leave the plane. I also apply it before the flight so my skin feels moisturized."

"I always bring my foundation, not that I apply on my entire face on the plane, but I just feel fresher when I dap it under my eyes and around the nose and cheeks."

"My hands always feel so dry when I wash them in the airplane toilet; they’re like sandpaper. Aesop's hand lotion is so rich, and the smell is divine."

"I feel desperate without a lip balm. I know it sounds crazy, but it’s the worst when my lips feel dry. On a plane, I need it even more. This wonder from Tromborg has the perfect consistency and smells so nice."


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"I'm a dry shampoo freak and use it every day. I like to wash my hair only twice a week, and this one doesn’t make my hair sticky or white."

"These are the only eye patches that really work for me. My under-eyes are always smooth and plump after just one mask."

"Because cleaning down the whole area around your seat is A MUST!!!"

"I'm usually on long flights out of New York either to Europe or L.A., so these deodorant wipes save my life."

Ada Oguntodu, Influencer

This is my go-to color. I always feel super confident in red lipstick and this particular shade complements my skin tone and is versatile for any outfit. Definitely a must-have for fashion week."

"My hands get really dry all the time so I always have to carry with me a moisturizing hand cream. These are my current fave because they smell so good and keep my hands feeling supple for long."

"Vibrant eye liners are so in right now. I love these because on days I don't feel like putting on too much makeup, a simple dash on the eyelid can make all the statement needed to complete an outfit."

"I absolutely cannot be anywhere without these. They keep my face moisturized all day and will come very handy for fashion weeks' hectic schedule."


"There's nothing worse than tired looking eyes after a long flight. I keep this treatment in flight because it brightens up the under-eye area while smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles."

"I'm constantly washing and sanitizing my hands when I'm traveling, so I need something to keep it moisturized. This product keeps my hands soft without that greasy residue."

"I love using this product to achieve a fresh, dewy complexion after long-haul flights and traveling. This product really nourishes, plumps, and hydrates the skin."

"I love using this face mist throughout any given day. It always leaves my skin feeling refreshed and hydrated."

"Since my lips can get dry during the winter and on the airplane, I like to keep a tube of this lip balm in my makeup bag. I'm a fan of the thick texture, and I just love how it seals in moisture."

Rachel Nguyen, Influencer

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"I take the most care of my eyes—skin is so delicate there and personally feels extra dry from the flight. I always make sure to pack any sort of eye mask as well as a silk eye cover to wear over for some zZzs."

"I also like to feel bougie in economy so I splurge a little more on the goods."


"Not only can your face feel dry during flights, but your lips can turn into sandpaper, too. This lip serum has changed my life. I usually apply before bed, but since I know I will be experiencing major dryness on the plane, I throw it in my carry on."

"Normally I don't wear makeup on a flight, but my pores still feel clogged and dirty. To prevent breakouts from traveling, I carry makeup removing pads and do a little cleanse routine mid-flight. Your skin will thank you, and you can enjoy your vacation, zit-free."

"Planes and traveling in general can take a toll on your skin and leave it feeling completely dehydrated. I always carry this spray with me and spray some on my face during my flight and once I land. It makes you feel refreshed and hydrates your skin."


"As good as the Glossier and RMS equivalent and completely natural."

"Perfect for short nights during fashion week. A beauty sleep in a pot."

"I haven't had break-outs since I started taking these. Highly recommend!"

"It does what it says: skin perfecting. It blurs fine lines and makes your skin look more even."