Overpackers, Take Note: My Mary Poppins Bag Is Sublime

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I've found, over years and years of packing-filled years, that investing in quality travel accessories that make it easier is key (to both my trip success and my sanity). And perhaps the most important accessories are the ones that actually hold all your other packing accessories: your bags. For the longest time, I struggled to find a perfect carry-on bag to pack all the essentials I needed close by and that would fit securely underneath the seat in front of me. And then I discovered Dagne Dover.

Dagne Dover makes every type of bag your heart could possibly desire, but it also has a collection of neoprene accessories, one of which is a duffle bag that I haven't taken a trip without in quite some time. That bag is the Landon Carryall, which I chose in the large size (it also comes in small and medium), and how much it can fit never ceases to amaze me. On any given travel day, you'll find my Dagne Dover bag loaded with a computer, (lots of) snacks, jewelry, cosmetics, my handbag (yes, seriously), a jacket or sweatshirt, socks, chargers, magazines, and more. (Mary Poppins would approve.) Not only that, but it's durable, hand washable, and dries quickly when wet, and it has tons of pockets and pouches to keep your belongings organized.

Shop my sublime Mary Poppins bag, along with some of my other favorite travel accessories below.

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Don't get stuck at the airport with no charge to call a rideshare.

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