I'm 5'2", and These Are My Favorite Tops

Welcome to the second official installment of my latest series: I’m 5’2”, and… I say official because I feel like I’ve been writing for my fellow petite girls my entire career, but I guess it was about time we made it legit. A few weeks ago, I shared my favorite jeans, so I thought the natural next step would be the best tops to wear them with.

As I mentioned last time, while my height is nothing to complain about, it has, at times, posed its challenges when it comes to shopping and finding things that fit me in the best way possible—especially with tops, which are among the more difficult items to tailor. So today I’m sharing my favorite tops that seem to fit just right. From tees to blouses to crop tops to knits, there’s something for everyone and a few repeat brands I suggest you take note of. Simply continue on to shop my picks.

Now that you’ve got the top(s), see the best jeans to wear them with.