This Is the Easiest Way to Add Volume to Fine Hair Fast

When you have fine or flat hair, you're probably always looking for ways to add some volume. I know I'm often trying out new products or styling techniques to give my flat, stick-straight hair some oomph. Most of the time, I have to bring out the rollers and styling tools if I want to take it up a notch, but if I'm really in a pinch, I reach for a texturizing spray to get me that volume fast. It's a miracle that just a few spritzes and a little bit of teasing can bring my hair to life.

Admittedly, I let my hair do its thing naturally more often than not—I chock it all up to laziness. I probably style and add products to my hair only a handful of times a month. But texturizing sprays, plus a couple of other volumizing products, are always on my bathroom vanity for the times when I'm not lazy and want to impress.

What Is Texturizing Spray?

If you don't know what texturizing spray is, you might be wondering how it differs from hair spray. Well, these sprays are actually quite the multitaskers because not only do they provide volume and some grit to your strands, but they also do a good job of absorbing excess oil like a dry shampoo and holding a style like a hair spray. They're also lightweight, so you don't have to worry about them weighing down your already-fine hair.

You can apply texturizing spray to damp or dry hair—it depends on what style you're trying to achieve. The key for application, though, is slowly building up the product.

Take a look at some highly rated texturizing sprays to use on fine hair below.

These Are the 15 Best Texturizing Sprays for Fine Hair



If you're going to try a texturizing spray, you should probably start with this one—it's pretty much the one that started it all. The lightweight volumizer absorbs oil and contains antioxidants and aloe vera.

You know those effortless and enviable beachy waves? Well, this spray can help you get them. It adds volume in a flash and also softens and smooths your strands.

Bumble and Bumble's thickening texture spray is another beloved favorite. It works well on both fine and medium hair types by adding airy texture and plenty of lift.

This spray is infused with argan oil and wheat proteins to moisturize and condition the hair.

If humidity is your biggest enemy, you'll like this spray since it provides up to 48 hours of protection against it. It's a dry shampoo, volumizer, texturizer, and holding spray in one.

These Are the 15 Best Texturizing Sprays for Fine Hair



Your hair won't feel "crispy" or tough when you apply this finishing spray. It pumps up your hair with volume and gives it a texture that's still soft and touchable.

Spray this one on damp hair for a little bit more oomph. The humidity-resistant formula also adds some shine.

Amika's texturizing spray gives you that tousled and effortless hair without having to put much work in. And even though it's meant to give you beachy waves, it's a salt-free formula. Instead, it contains zeolite, a natural mineral that builds volume.

This drugstore texturizing spray delivers flexible hold, lift, texture, and a weightless feeling. Plus, it dries really quickly so your styling routine won't take forever. Apply it to the roots through the mid-shaft and give your hair a couple of scrunches.

The unique ingredient in this texturizing spray is propolis, which is rich in oils, vitamins, minerals, and flavonoids so it can fortify the hair. The formula also has a UV filter to prevent sun damage.

Virtue's lightweight texturizing mist provides medium hold and delivers extra shine. It contains hydrolyzed wheat protein to increase body and enhance shine, panthenol (vitamin B5) to moisturize, and Alpha Keratin 60ku to repair damaged hair.

Both a hair spray and a texturizing spray, this product from Ouai is not only awesome at creating volume and texture, but it also does a good job of absorbing oils and refreshing the hair. It also has a delicious floral fragrance with notes of Italian bergamot, rose, muguet, waterlily, iris, and white musk.

Drybar's finishing spray is a three-in-one product: It texturizes, volumizes, and refreshes. The zeolite minerals in this spray give a matte texture and absorb any excess oil. It's also scented with notes of violet, sandalwood, and musk.

This texturizing spray is salt-free and won't dry out your hair. It's formulated with glycerin to lock in moisture and gluten-free hydrolyzed wheat protein to give natural volume.

You don't have to worry about this spray messing with your hair color—it won't dull or darken the color. It delivers hold, volume, and texture without any stickiness or leftover residue.

Living Proof's styling spray works especially well on fine, flat hair. It has special technology that adds volume by increasing the space between hair fibers. And best of all, it feels weightless.

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