This Is the Easiest Way to Add Volume to Fine Hair Fast

When you have fine or flat hair, you're probably always looking for ways to add some volume. I know I'm often trying out new products or styling techniques to give my flat, stick-straight hair some oomph. Most of the time, I have to bring out the rollers and styling tools if I want to take it up a notch, but if I'm really in a pinch, I reach for a texturizing spray to get me that volume fast. It's a miracle that just a few spritzes and a little bit of teasing can bring my hair to life.

Admittedly, I let my hair do its thing naturally more often than not—I chock it all up to laziness. I probably style and add products to my hair only a handful of times a month. But texturizing sprays, plus a couple of other volumizing products, are always on my bathroom vanity for the times when I'm not lazy and want to impress.


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What Is Texturizing Spray?

If you don't know what texturizing spray is, you might be wondering how it differs from hair spray. Well, these sprays are actually quite the multitaskers because not only do they provide volume and some grit to your strands, but they also do a good job of absorbing excess oil like a dry shampoo and holding a style like a hair spray. They're also lightweight, so you don't have to worry about them weighing down your already-fine hair.

You can apply texturizing spray to damp or dry hair—it depends on what style you're trying to achieve. The key for application, though, is slowly building up the product.

Take a look at some highly rated texturizing sprays to use on fine hair below.


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