If You Have Fine Hair, These Are the Best Short Hairstyles For You

If you have fine hair, you've probably gone through your fair share of dry shampoo, fringes sticking to your face, and curls that fall out within minutes. Styling fine hair and experimenting with cuts in the search for volume can often be tricky to master. 

Going for the crop or styling your already-short hair might be all you need to do to work with the texture that you've got. Short hair means volume, and that's always what we're going for, right? 

Thanks to some expert advice from Michael Lendon, creative director of Aveda, and Christel Lundqvist, founder of Stil Salon, we've got some pro tips for you to implement. Combine that with the best product picks for adding volume and texture, and you'll be well on your way to finding the best hairstyle to make your routine easier. 

Ready for some style inspiration? Keep scrolling to see the best short hairstyles and products for fine hair.

1. Micro Bob



All hail the micro bob for its ability to not only boost volume but also add instant style points to any outfit. Lendon agrees, "If your hair is super fine and tends to lift from the scalp and not lie flat, ask your stylist for a micro bob with the addition of beveled layers."


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He goes on to add, "This will allow for a natural lift that creates airy volume. Don't get confused with short layers, as this can contribute to the removal of weight in the wrong areas." 


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Most people have contemplated having a bob at least once in their life, and Lundqvist is also an advocate: "If you have fine hair and slight movement, any bob length can look great, as it will create movement and make the hair look fuller, especially if it sits above the collar bone." 


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2. Soft Pixie


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There's a hair moment that we've all witnessed. When you're walking down the street and you see someone with a pixie cut breezing past you and you instantly say to yourself, "Maybe I'll cut my hair." We rarely follow through, of course, but if you've got fine hair, it's well worth considering. 


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"Fine hair can often look thin and see-through if it's too long or too short, so it's important to find the right length to suit texture and density. A softer pixie haircut can look great on very fine hair, as it will appear fuller due to the movement in the hair," said Lundqvist.


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Before you start frantically searching for pixies on Pinterest, this cut comes with a warning. "With finer hair, I would advise against fringes, as they can end up falling flat onto the face and easily separate. This can also be the case with pixie cuts too, especially if your hair is ultra-fine and easily becomes oily—you end up exposing your scalp," advises Lendon. 

Lundqvist agrees, and says, "Pixie cuts can look thin on the scalp if cut too short, so it's key to leave a little length on top." Noted.


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3. Blunt Edges 



Blunt edges so thick that you can't curl the ends are the way forward for adding much-needed volume to fine hair. It's a winning formula if you like styling your hair straight or with an ever-so-on-trend wave with the ends left straight.


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This is also a great option if you want to keep some more length to your hair and not commit to anything above your earlobes.



"If you want to keep it long, go for a deep part and sharp edges. This gives added chunkiness to the ends and instant root lift," said Lendon.


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4. One Length


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Everyone's first salon trip probably involved asking for layers. But if you've got fine hair, then it might not always be the way to go.


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"For clients with very fine hair, it's often better to opt for a one-length haircut if it's a bob style or shoulder-length hair, as that will make the hair look fuller," said Lundqvist. 


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When it comes to styling your new 'do and managing fine hair on an everyday basis, Lundqvist has a top tip to keep your hair looking its best: "Using the right aftercare for fine hair is key, as some shampoos and conditioners can weigh the hair down. The same goes for styling products." So head below to check out the best products for fine hair. 


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Shop volumising products for fine hair:

It all starts in the shower, so "be clever with your styling routine and start with the right haircare. Prep is always key. In the shower, use a volumizing shampoo and conditioner (just at the ends) to lift and fill finer hair," says Lendon.

Keep your styling routine simple so you don't succumb to product residue weighing your hair down. Make sure your hair and scalp are clean with this detoxifying blend of salts and essential oils.

Following Lundqvist's advice, "use a volumizing range as well as dry shampoos, which are amazing to add volume in fine hair when it's dry." You can't beat this drugstore classic. 

Limp hair has met its match with this thickening, cuticle-smoothing conditioner. The results will last way past drying time too. 

Sometimes, the technique is just as important as the products. Lendon recommends "avoiding air-drying, as this can leave your hair looking flat. Instead, blow-dry upside down." 

The rave reviews for these are reason enough to give them a go, and they're also backed by the experts. "Supplements are a game-changer for clients with fine hair, as if you nourish the hair from the inside, it will be stronger and feel much thicker. Viviscal tablets are key for people with fine hair, as not only will they strengthen fine hair; they will also promote hair growth, which sometimes can be a very slow process for super-delicate hair," says Lundqvist. 

This weightless spray should be your go-to, regardless of what hairstyle you opt for. Spritz from roots to ends for more bounce than you thought possible.

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