Fun Fact: I Don't Think This Jeans Trend Will Ever Go "Out"


(Image credit: @kingharriet52)

As a fashion writer, I often see different pieces being hailed as the "holy grail” of a certain product category. These types of items normally last for a season or so before a new style or iteration takes its place. But allow me to wax poetic for a moment about the closet-staple status that tapered jeans have earned in my wardrobe. I know they're going to stick around and won't go "out" because they're more or less a classic silhouette at this point. And yep, I think I've found the best tapered jeans on the market. 

What Are Tapered Jeans?

Something of happy medium between the trendy wide-leg styles and skinny jeans, tapered jeans feature a wider fit around the waist and thighs before slimming down at the ankle. Odds are you’ve worn tapered jeans in the past without even noticing it—"mom” jeans, for instance, feature a tapered leg and offer a similar look, as do "carrot” and "barrel” styles. 

Call them what you will; tapered jeans are everywhere this season. Keep scrolling to shop a few of my favorite denim options from around the web that all come in a few highly wearable washes. 

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