6 Summer Shoe Trends I'm Ordering From Zara and Reformation

Whenever I want to try a new shoe trend, two of my favorite places to check are Zara and Reformation, which is a newish but very strong entry in the footwear field. These two brands are often among the first to sell great versions of the freshest trends at price points that are relatively easy to swallow. Reasonably priced trendy shoes are a beautiful thing.

I'm quite fond of a few of the summer shoe trends on the market right now, and of course, there are fantastic options on both Reformation and Zara. Among the trends, you'll find colorful heels, rhinestone-embellished shoes, and walkable fisherman sandals. Basically, there's something among these six trends for every shoe person, and I found the best versions at Zara and Ref. Scroll to shop my picks so that your shoe wardrobe is prepped for summer before it even begins.


Summer 2022 shoe trends


Shop Platforms on Reformation
Shop Platforms on Zara

You can't go wrong with this versatile pair.

Fisherman Sandals

Shop Fisherman Sandals on Reformation

The chunky sole on these makes them feel modern.

Shop Fisherman Sandals on Zara

They look expensive, but they aren't.

I tried this pair on and can vouch for how great they are.

Brightly Colored Shoes

Shop Brightly Colored Shoes on Reformation

If you want something with a lower heel, these are perfect.

Rhinestone-Embellished Shoes

Shop Rhinestone Shoes on Reformation

I have a hunch these will fly out of stock.

Shop Rhinestone Shoes on Zara

Ankle-Tie Shoes

Summer 2022 shoe trends


Shop Ankle-Tie Shoes on Reformation

For embracing the ballerina aesthetic that's trending.

Shop Ankle-Tie Shoes on Zara

Another multiple-trend pair for your consideration.

Metallic Shoes

Shop Metallic Shoes on Reformation

I can see why this pretty pair is selling out.

Shop Metallic Shoes on Zara

This minimal pair looks like it costs well over $70.