I Only Wear This One Strapless Bra (and It's $35)

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A little while back, I wrote this story on Lively's new launch—a strapless bra I instantly felt made sense. As someone who personally loathes having to wear a strapless bra, I was curious to see if this one lived up the hype. After wearing Lively's lace iteration only one time, I knew I would never wear another strapless bra again—no joke.

Not only is the price unheard of, ringing in at only $35, but the construction is unparalleled. The "wider active-inspired band" supports you in the ways you always hoped a strapless bra would (aka no slipping, sliding, or adjusting). My second favorite part of this bra is that the lace version is really pretty—so pretty that I let it peak out from underneath formal lower necklines and tank tops when appropriate. Additionally, thanks to the multi-hook closure, you feel like you're locked in there for life—in a good way.

No, I'm not sponsored or paid to write about this bra—I just really love it this much and so do the rest of Lively's customers. Since it just came back into stock after selling out on site, I suggest you snag one of these $35 strapless bras ASAP. You'll stop hating strapless bras for good, trust me.

Scroll down to shop the only strapless bra I wear—Lively's recently restocked lace and smooth strapless bras.