There Are Many Spring Items I Like Right Now, But These 35 Finds Top the List

There Are Many Spring Items I Like Right Now, But These 29 Items Top the List


@olympiamarie; PICTURED: J.Crew Collection Cropped Lady Jacket ($278)

I look at quite a lot of products on a weekly basis, given my job as the shopping director here at Who What Wear. And while I often like a lot of items, I curate the best of the best to inspire you across my edits. After previewing all the spring drops, the same old tune goes—many new finds piqued my interest. But there are 32 items among the group topping my list right now.

Below, you'll find the spring pieces that are front-runners for me. You'll notice a pattern in that the items in question are quite versatile and could be worn with a range of pieces that are probably already in your closet. I'm referring to things like, cool tailored silhouettes, chic flats, and modern denim cuts. 

Keep scrolling to check out my favorite spring items. You might just find a new go-to staple with what's coming your way.

These ballet flats look quite expensive.

Ray-Ban just launched the Reverse collection, which features new reversed lenses. As the brand states, "the shape of the lens shifts from traditional convex to concave without sacrificing optical precision." Very cool.

With an inspiring backstory, Doze was created to offer clothing you could wear at home, to appointments, or even out and about.

This new brand of comfy and chic sandals uses upcycled wine corks as the footbed for its shoes. Super cool.

This story was originally published at an earlier date and has since been updated. Next, check out more items I love from Nordstrom.