10 Spring Dresses We Can't Wait to Wear

Right now, in New York City, I'm fairly certain I can see hundreds of fashion editors leaning their heads against the cool glass of their office windows, looking out upon the chilly Manhattan skyline as they wonder, For the love of fashion, is it spring yet?! I don't know about you, but I have open-toe mules to debut, and my patience is wearing thinner than the straps on this really good satin slip dress from Banana Republic.

The great news: Daylight saving time is finally upon us, which means that surely, surely, no matter how unlikely it seems, the flick of the switch to turn on daffodils and outside tables at restaurants is mere moments away. I refuse to let that first balmy weekend creep up on me, hence the surplus of spring looks hanging hopefully in my closet—I'm painting my toenails a devastatingly bright coral as we speak. So start perusing Craigslist for air-conditioning units, and check out the 10 trending dresses we have ready to roll the second it creeps above 50 degrees.