I Think All of These Skinny Jeans Deserve Their Cult Status

The best skinny jeans are (let's be honest) the ones that make you feel like the best version of yourself. They're the ones that don't sag at the bottom, bag at the knee, or need constant attention in order to stay put. In fact, they're the jeans that sculpt and tone without you having to sculpt and tone.

The best skinny jeans are, above all, a pair that you can pull out day after day and feel really confident about wearing. But like all cherished fashion go-tos, there's an amount of trial and error (aka research) that goes into locating them. It's not easy to pinpoint the jeans you'll want to wear on repeat when you're trying them on for 10 seconds in a dimly lit changing room after a feast at Shake Shack. (Just me? Okay.)

In order to aid you in what can be a nightmare quest to find the perfect jeans, we've contacted a selection of the most trusted denim stockists to find out which pairs they sell the most of and why. Because no matter how we may get sidetracked by high-waisted jeans or the many new denim trends on offer in 2019, nothing beats a good—nay, great—pair of skinnies. In honor of our constant obsession with denim, here are the best skinny jeans that you can shop right now.


ASOS's Ridley skinnies are the site's top-selling jeans, and last year the retailer sold over 30,000 pairs of them. The higher waistband and many ultra-flattering deep washes are understandably favorable, but you can now find the cut in multiple iterations to square up to the latest trends. The Ridley is closely followed by a growing interest in Farleigh jeans. 

At $40, it's no wonder these are being bought in bulk.

How cool that these are produced from a high-quality mix of recycled denim and cotton made in Africa?

We're all for leopard-print jeans this season. 


One of the most sensible and cost-effective ways to buy classic denim styles is to snap up designer versions that are discounted. "Because of the enduring appeal, it makes absolute sense to invest in a quality denim brand of skinny jeans on The Outnet," says the e-commerce site's head of content, Claudia Mahoney. "The design will not have changed from previous seasons, so it makes a wise investment to purchase high-end denim from the previous season with us."

The go-to brands for shoppers on the website are Frame, J Brand, and Rag & Bone

These have a mid-high rise which is a real leg lengthener.


Over at MatchesFashion.com, skinny-jean sales appear to be strongest within the realm of reworked skinny jeans. That equates to a couple of key styles going crazy: Vetements's high-waisted skinnies (which keep selling out despite their high price tag) and Re/Done's altered vintage skinny jeans. Both of these styles are proving to be the hottest tickets. Because these stiffer denim styles have been tailored and tweaked to fit perfectly, is it any surprise they're so sought-after? But you don't have to buy the Vetements pair—another pair of straight-leg jeans is just as chic.

It's straight-leg skinnies we're seeing more of this season.

The cutout waist gives them the unique Vetements twist. 


Considering Topshop genuinely sells a pair of skinny jeans every second, it's highly likely you already own one of the brand's longest-standing styles: the Jamie. If you know that they suit you, then start experimenting with the more fashion-forward finishes you'll find the Jamie in this season (like fringed hems or lace-up sides). Or you could try the style that's giving this silhouette a run for its money: the Joni. This is a slightly more retro cut with a higher rise. As we type this story, the style is getting more popular.

You can see more about the best Topshop jeans in every style from our tests here.

May we offer you an unusual color to balance out all the blue denim you already own?

The hemline adds a bit of edge to a standard pair of skinnies.

Gray will always look good with Converse.


Out of Selfridges's vast denim hall, there are two brands that really stand out: Firstly, Khloé Kardashian's denim label, Good American, which has been performing phenomenally since it launched. Within the first month, the ultra-high-rise skinnies sold out. The other denim label with strong skinny sales is J Brand—if even the velvet finish is racking up receipts, we're sold. After all, this is a notoriously tricky fabric to look super-svelte in, so the 815 cut must be good.

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