These 5 Shoes Are Skyrocketing on the Sneaker Stock Market


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There are hundreds of different sneakers tempting you to bring them home, but which pairs are especially covetable right now? To find out, I tapped an expert at StockX to reveal the top five best-selling women's sneakers released in the last six months ranked by market share—and the results might surprise you. 

First, a bit of a primer: StockX describes itself as a "the world's first stock market of things." What does that mean, exactly? It's an online marketplace where you can buy and sell items in high demand, including sneakers, handbags, and watches, and like the stock market, prices constantly fluctuate. But if you were to peruse the women's shoe section right now, there would be one style you can't avoid. "The Blue Chill UNC Jordan 1 is the second best-selling sneaker on StockX so far this year, reselling for 150% over its retail price," a StockX representative told Who What Wear. Impressive, right?

"Another great example is the Jordan 1 Retro High Satin Shattered Backboard," the expert told us. "When it was released, it was trading at a high volume and quickly landed a spot as one of our top-selling sneakers. To this day, the sneaker has a high price premium of 146.3% average over retail. Scroll down for more insights on the top five sneaker styles right now, and shop more of our favorite shoes as well.