These 12 Fashion and Beauty Products Are Best Sellers—Here's Why

One of our all-time favorite things to do is find out which fashion and beauty items our readers (aka you) are shopping right now. Before the current pandemic, usual suspects like spring sandals or floral dresses made the list, and currently easy-to-wear and comfortable items like this $18 ribbed top and the super-soft tee are reigning supreme. Other items are slightly more surprising (more on that ahead).

While the general attractiveness and versatility of an item are cause enough to invest in it, sometimes the power of influence comes into play too. In other words, if our friends or colleagues or even favorite celebrities are also wearing items we're considering buying, then that can be enough to get us to click "add to cart." To illustrate our point, we rounded up 12 products that are flying off the shelves because someone else proved they were worth buying them first.

Because Kate Middleton Wore Them 

Kate Middleton Castaner Espadrilles



Kate Middleton wore a pair of Castañer espadrilles with a floral ruffled-sleeve dress that came together for the perfect spring-ready outfit.

Because Our Editor in Chief Aged Backward From This Product

Kat Collings Skincare


Who What Wear

Who What Wear's editor in chief test-drove her friend's anti-aging skincare routine for five months, and the results, as seen below, were noticeable. One of the main products in the ritual included an affordable acne treatment by Differin.

Kat Collings Skincare


Who What Wea

Because Our Contributors Recommended Them

Janet Gunn and Melissa Meyers



Our contributors Janet Gunn and Melissa Meyers both gave the scoop on Levi's beloved Wedgie jeans and, clearly, everyone listened.

Because Our Editor in Chief Says It's the Most Comfortable Bra in the World

Who What Wear's editor in chief argues this is the world's most comfortable bra. "I'm quitting my uncomfortable bras this year (or maybe just stuffing them to the back of my drawer and pulling them out only when truly necessary)," Kat Collings says. "I purchased this Boody Body bra three times already because there's nothing like it in terms of comfort. This is the only bra that I don't want to take off when I get home at the end of the day. I find most sports bras—which should be comfy—too restricting and tight, and even though this one has a sports bra–like cut, it somehow truly feels like nothing when you put it on. I consider this bra a necessity on any long-haul flights and panic if I don't have a clean one at the ready. I also love that the brand produces multiple shades of nude and is produced in an eco-friendly and ethical manner."

Because Who What Wear Staffers Use It Every Morning

This Revlon blow-dryer brush is so good we did an entire story on all the Who What Wear employees who use it every day.

Because Jessica Biel Wore a Similar Pair (and Made Them Look Super Chic)

Jessica Biel Leggings



Don't sleep on Jessica Biel's athleisure style. She's the perfect inspiration for your next WFH outfit. Her recent comfy look resonated with readers enough to inspire some legging purchases.

Because Our Editor in Chief Endorsed It

Kat Collings Topshop Blazer



Another product recommendation from Who What Wear's editor in chief, this budget-friendly Topshop blazer has been flying off the shelves.

Because Reviewers Unanimously Love It (and Our Editors Do Too)

A while back, we tried out the nine best-selling bras of all time on Who What Wear, and this one, in particular, resonated with both readers and editors so much that it's surprising it's still in stock.

Because Our Market Editor Made It Look Amazing

Best-Selling Black Blazer Judith Jones



Our market editor Judith Jones excels at the dressing-room selfie, and back in February, she re-created some of the best runway looks at H&M. This classic blazer was a standout pick that our readers loved too. 

Because Jennifer Lopez Wore These Sunglasses She Helped Design, and They're on Sale

Jennifer Lopez Sunglasses



Jennifer Lopez teamed up with Australian sunglasses brand Quay to design a collection of affordable shades, which unsurprisingly means that everyone's buying a pair for themselves.

Because These Comfy Slippers Are Model-Approved

Gigi Hadid Ugg Slippers



It's a safe bet that if Gigi or Bella (or both) are endorsing a shoe, it's going to sell out eventually. Such is the case with Ugg's furry slippers that are as delightfully comfortable as they look.

Bella Hadid Ugg Slippers



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