According to an Aesthetician, This Is the Easiest Way to Boost Collagen at Home

I know not everyone is big on at-home skincare devices. It's an extra step (or two) that isn't always conducive to minimalist skincare, but when used regularly, at-home devices can really change your skin. My favorite devices include LED masks and microcurrent devices. I use CurrentBody's LED Light Therapy Mask ($380) and Foreo's Bear Microcurrent Device ($214) as part of my lineup. Both have worked wonders for me in terms of lifting, toning, and reducing skin inflammation.

Although I've become more of a skincare maximalist because of it, I've been looking to add another modality to my routine that boasts some serious benefits. Think firmer, tighter skin, with increased collagen production. Sound good? Keep scrolling! I asked an aesthetician all about radio frequency and how it can help your skin.

What is radio frequency, and what can it do for your skin?

Radiofrequency for skin



You might have heard about the benefits that treatments like micro-needling, microcurrent, or platelet-rich plasma (PRP) can offer, but radio frequency tends to fly a bit more under the radar. It isn't invasive, is easy to do at home, and can give your skin a youthful glow. I first learned about this type of treatment from organic aesthetician Katie Sobelman. I asked Sobelman to break down this treatment for us novices so we can understand how it works and what it can offer. 

"Radio frequency is a safe cosmetic treatment that uses energy waves (in the form of radio waves) to create a gentle, low-level heat," she explains. "This heat penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin, three millimeters down, activating collagen and elastic formation to firm the skin. RF can be used to not only tighten the skin but to minimize fine lines and improve skin tone and texture."

As I'm now in my 30s, this sounds super appealing to me. While I want to stress that no one needs this type of treatment, I do think it's a great way to help keep skin looking its best. According to Sobelman, this is definitely a modality worth trying to getting as an in-office treatment. 

Should you invest in an at-home radio frequency device?

Radiofrequency for skin



Although I love a good in-office treatment, I asked Sobelman if she thinks at-home radio frequency devices are worth investing in. "Very much so," she says. "At-home radio frequency devices can be effective tools for skin firming and collagen stimulation. While they require an intensive initial time investment, after three months, most device results can be maintained with a few treatments a week. While I think the Tripollar, Newa, and Nebulyft devices are all great options, the Newa, created by EndyMed, makers of medical-grade devices, is clinically proven to reduce wrinkles by up to 36%."

Like Sobelman said, these types of devices are a time and money investment, but they're a great tool to have in your arsenal if you have some deep-set lines you'd like to see improvement on, and your skin will appear overall healthier over time. Sobelman also has a few tips for anyone just starting their radio frequency journey. "I recommend taking before and after pictures. When it comes to collagen stimulation, patience is key, as it can take up to three months for results to start to develop. As new collagen is produced, it can create subtle shifts in your skin. Having a before picture to refer back to is helpful."

While there are various forms of RF out there, Sobelman also shares that the best and safest option for at-home use is multipolar radio frequency. While multipolar RF penetrates the skin enough to stimulate collagen, it doesn't penetrate deep enough to affect the adipose tissue in your face.

For all of Sobelman's favorite radio frequency skincare device brands, along with a few of our own picks, keep scrolling.

The Best At-Home Radio Frequency Devices

Get the glow: Best Radiofrequency devices



Newa's device is Sobelman's top recommendation. According to the brand, skin should start to feel firmer and tighter after around the four-week mark, with increased results after 12 weeks. 

Tripollar has a variety of RF devices to choose from. While the prices are a bit eye-watering, the brand has a great reputation in the radio frequency department and is known for its cutting-edge technology. This device lifts, tones, tightens, and boosts collagen production within the dermis layer of the skin.

The Nebulyft R2 has an array of enticing features. First, it charges wirelessly for convenience. In addition to that, it has a four-channel temperature monitoring system that ensures perfect temperature control and a lightweight ergonomic design that's perfect for travel.

This device is at least a teeny bit budget friendlier than most other RF devices. It includes a cool mode that rapidly chills down after a treatment to help shrink pores, soothe redness, and relieve any puffiness.

SimpliWell's device can be used on both the face and body. 

Amiro's device combines four therapies, including radio frequency, electrical muscle stimulation, red LED light, and red infrared light. It boosts your skin's natural release of growth factors, tones and tightens, and stimulates healing. 

I love Foreo's Bear 2 microcurrent device. It's incredibly easy and fast to use. Next on my list to try from the brand is its radio frequency device. This device works to reduce fine lines and wrinkles while simultaneously increasing hydration levels within the skin. The addition of red, blue, and green LED light also helps give the skin a glow.

This device is designed to lift and tighten the skin on the face, neck, and body. As a bonus, the infrared light helps increase circulation and promotes healthy skin.